Ten Car Seat Safety Quick Tips

Ten Car Seat Safety Quick Tips

There are many different types of infant seats that will help protect your baby during an accident. You can decide to purchase a new car seat, used car seat, or keep your previous car seat from your past baby. Whichever you decide, it’s important to always check your infant seat for these 10 car seat safety quick tips to ensure your baby is safe and secure in their car seat.

10 Car Seat Safety Quick Tips
  1. Check for recalls – whether you decide to purchase new, used, or keep you last car seat, you should always check to see if there has been a recall.  If you had registered your it when you purchased it, you should’ve been notified by the manufacturer of any recalls but if you bought it used, it’s possible the previous owner may not have disclose this information to you.  If you find that it does have a recall, follow the appropriate steps issued by the manufacturer or simply call them. They may be able to send you a kit to fix the issue.  Check for Recalls Here
  2. Check the expiration date – depending on the type and brand of your car seat, expiration date may vary.   You can find the expiration date information printed on the back or bottom.  Infant car seats and its base can expire 5 to 6 years after the manufactured date.  Convertible All-in-One seats last quite a bit longer, usually over 8 years.  If it is expired, you will need to get a different one.  If your car seat is expiring soon, like within the range in which your new baby will be using it, then you should get a different car seat.  For budget purposes, you could use the seat until the expiration date is up and purchase a new one later as long as the integrity is excellent.
  3. Check if your child has exceeding the weight and/or height limit of your car seat – every seat will have weight/height/age requirements and limitations.  Make sure you read the instruction manual that came with your seat and check your state’s current car seat standards.  If you have lost or never received the manual, you can easily find a copy online or get the information from the manufacturer directly.
  4. Check if car seat is becoming loose – you should be checking this every time before you place your baby in the seat.  Especially if you’re using your seat belts to secure your seat instead of the latch or tethering system.  I’ve found that seat belts come loose more often than any other way.  If you are having problems with installing yourself, your state usually hosts car seat safety checks with the local police or fire department and they will put it in correctly for you.  You can find this more information about these with your OB and pediatrician or simply call your local police or fire department.  You definitely need to have a secure car seat as a loose seat is useless.
  5. Check if your car seat is still reclined at the correct level – as with car seats becoming loose overtime, the seat may also move from its appropriate reclined level for your baby’s needs.  Every seat is different as some allow 2-3 levels of recline and some have up to 8.  Make sure you adjust the recline level as necessary.
  6. Check for wear on car seat from the sun –  with infant seats, you won’t see as much wear from the sun since most often these are not left inside the car.  You can usually tell if the seat has had some exposure to the sun of the fabric of your car seat is fading or faded.  Most importantly you should check if the base and infant seat has plastic that is warping in anyway.  Warping is a sign that the car seat’s integrity is no longer any good and should be replaced immediately.  Plastics can become brittle and break and the plastic found on car seats are no different.  In an accident, your car seat may not hold up in an impact.
  7. Check for any cracks in the plastic – like the last check, this could happen from warping of the plastic or damage from falling, dropping, or being thrown. If you find a crack, the integrity of the seat may be okay depending on the location and size but safety comes first and you should replace it anyway.
  8. Check for broken or loose parts – Loose bolts should be taken care of right away and broken parts should be ordered from the manufacturer and replaced right away.  In the meantime, the seat should not be used.
  9. Check for ample padding – you should check for padding especially around the side impact supports and make sure there isn’t any wear in those areas.  You may be able to find replacements online or through the manufacturer as long as the model has not been discontinued.
  10. Check for damages to your seat belt that’s holding the car seat, latch system, or tethering system – as parts on your seat can wear and break, so can the parts from your car used to secure your car seat.  Check your seat belts for holes and fraying.  Make sure to check that your latch system is still sturdy and secure.


  • http://www.heartbeatsSoulStains.com Debbie Tom

    These are all important and great reminders since we can often get busy and take shortcuts.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Thank you!

  • http://www.momknowsbest.net tara pittman

    These are all very important tips for parents to read. We want to keep babies safe.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering


  • Rosie

    This is good information. One item that I’m not as concerned as usual about price is the car seat. Safety it most important.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Absolutely! I totally agree with you! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  • http://toughcookiemommy.com/ Maria – Tough Cookie Mommy

    Checking if the car seat is becoming loose is so important. This often happens from daily wear and it is something that all parents of children in car seats should be aware of.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Yeah, unfortunately it happens a lot and more so with leather seats! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

  • Nicole Anderson

    What a fantastic list this is to ensure the safety of our precious children. I never thought of the sun wearing one before but it does make sense. Thanks so much for highlighting all these important points.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      So glad you were able to walk away with something new after this post! thanks so much for visiting!

  • http://www.girlgonemom.com/ Heather D.

    I had a car seat come loose one time…when my daughter was in it. It was so scary and from that point on I checked to make sure it was tethered properly.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Oh dear ! I can totally understand this! It’s so amazing how loose they get! So important to check it often! Thanks so much for visiting and sharing that story!

  • http://www.happilyblended.com Brandy

    Gosh I am so glad I don’t have a child in a car seat anymore, I would be so confused. Laws and requirements have changed so much over time. I love that you are sharing these tips because car seat safety is important and with all the confusion things about it, parents need to know more to keep their child safe.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      I can’t wait for the day I don’t have a child in a carseat… it’s a very long time away LOL! Thanks so much for visiting! So glad you liked this post!

  • http://www.talesofarantingginger.com/ Gingermommy

    These are all great! As a new parent, you would not know most of this. Car seat safety is so important

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      No kidding yet as our kids get older… we seem to forget about checking this car seat thing. haha thanks so much for visiting!

  • http://www.ladymarielle.com/ Marielle Altenor

    When we took both of our kids home from the hospital we had a nurse double check that the seat was fasten properly. They even gave us safety tips that I honestly never even thought of.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      That’s amazing! What tips did they give you? Yeah where I live, they inspect the car seats before we can leave. I’m thankful for that! Thanks for visiting!

  • http://ThisMomsDelight.com/ Tami – This Mom’s Delight

    You can never be too safe with your little ones. I think a recheck is a good idea right now.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Absolutely! Let me know if any of these came up! thanks so much for visiting!

  • Jhumki Nag

    This is so important in real life. It is shocking that we ignore some of them which can be dangerous. Thank you for sharing.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      I know, some things seem to slip our mind more than others… unfortunately it can be the important ones too! Thank you so much for visiting!

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