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11 Tips to Fight the Dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss When to Worry Cover

11 Tips to Fight the Dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss

One of the things I never knew before becoming a new mom was the Postpartum Hair Loss when to worry.  I’ve had very thick hair my entire life and never had problems with hair loss before.  You could imagine my shock when I took a shower one week after giving birth and found my hair clogged more »


10+ Must-Have Resources for a New Mom

Congratulations on your new baby!  When I was a new mom, I looked for things that would help make my mom life easier.   I’ve compiled a list of all must-have resources I’ve used and things I wish I knew about in this guide for new moms.  Hope you enjoy it! *Disclaimer: This post may contain more »

4 Things I learned during my first birthing experience

4 Things I Learned During my First Birthing Experience

When I was pregnant, I read many birthing stories because I thought it might prepare me for mine. Not really. Actually I found that some really freaked me out. Had I read my birthing story, it would’ve freaked me out. I was carrying a rainbow baby so I was already on high alert. After my more »