10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to go to the Gym

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Wondering how to stay motivated to go to the gym?  It’s the time for New Year, New You Goals!  One of my new years resolution is to go to the gym consistently.  I will be honest and say that this is so hard to do as a stay-at-home mom, a busy mom, a working mom, a human being living and breathing! So how do you keep yourself motivated to go to the gym and keep at it?  Try these 10 tips to help you keep at it and succeed in your goals for your New Year!

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10 Tips on how to stay motivated to go to the gym

10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to go to the Gym

  • Set an appointment – Like you would a doctor’s or dentist appointment, set a time and be there!  Make it part of your daily routine by arranging your schedule to have that 30 minutes or hour break to go to the gym.
  • Have an accountability partner – A friend who you report to everyday and be accountable to about your gym commitments.  Make sure it’s someone you will be honest with.  When choosing an accountability partner, make sure it’s someone that will hold you to the standard that you need to be.  This person needs to be able to confront you when you screw up and encourage you to do what you need to do. 
  • Have a gym partner – A gym partner can help keep you going to the gym.  Make it like a date, an important business meeting you cannot miss.  Your gym partner doesn’t have to be perfect, just someone to motivate you to go and vice versa.  
  • Sign up for classes – change up the daily routine and sign up for a fun fitness class.  Often times gyms have free classes for their members to join. It can be anything from yoga to zumba.  It’ll help to try something new and different. 
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  • Get a personal trainer – they also have great advice on how to stay motivated. Plus, you can think of it as having to meet with a personal trainer like it’s an appointment and I can’t miss it.  It’s also good to have a personal trainer critique your technique and point out where you struggle, what you need to work on and give you some helpful constructive advice. 
  • Be a good role model for your children – You want your kids to see the importance of being fit and staying healthy. By showing them that it’s important to take time out of the day to exercise, you are being a positive role model for your children to follow in your footsteps when it comes to taking charge of your health.  
  • Change up your exercise – When I work out with my husband he has a very specific exercise schedule and routine he does that works for him but I don’t.  Doing his routine every time didn’t help me achieve what I wanted to achieve.  Trying different exercises helped me understand what my body needs.  
  • Try something new – It’s hard for me to try new things in general but it keeps you from doing the same mundane exercises and it’ll keep things fresh.  I’ve always been intimidated about the gym’s machines and make it a point each week to try something different.  This will help me feel less intimidated and to work out different parts of my body.
  • Meet a new friend at the gym – It’s likely that if you go to the gym the same time every time, you’re probably not the only one and you’ll find the same people are always there with you.  At least you’ll have someone to talk to, someone that could help you with those awkward machines and help pass the time during your rigorous exercises.
  • Reward yourself – don’t forget to cut yourself some slack, don’t be so hard on yourself.  It takes patience and dedication to achieve what you want.  Give yourself rewards like everyday you go, is $5 in a pot that goes towards a new outfit, an awesome date night with your special someone. Keep it simple but having these little rewards here and there can help a lot!
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I’ve struggled with being healthy and fit all my life.  I have never been overweight, actually I’ve often been underweight.  I’ve had major corrective surgery on my spine almost 10 years ago and although they have fixed the curvature in my spine, my body still tilts slightly to the left.  This is because my body’s muscles are accustom to this tilt and those muscles have become very strong to compensate for abnormal weight shifting.  I’m working to tone those muscles and build up other certain muscles to strengthen my core.  My body has very little muscle tone anywhere else and my physical therapist believes I might have a certain disorder that makes me quite flexible.  It makes keeping my body aligned long enough to work on other muscles in those areas really hard.

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I’ve struggled with my body since this surgery and the problems only got worse when I started having children.  By the third trimester of my first pregnancy, I had a lot of pain in my hip area making it hard to walk, impossible to go up the stairs, or even get up off the couch or bed by myself.  My second pregnancy, I was having these same issues at 6 weeks!  Physical therapy was my best friend!  I admit that had I taken care of my body after my surgery, I’m sure I would’ve saved myself a lot of pain!  This is why having a strict, consistent dedication to the gym and my health is important.

How do you get motivated to go to the gym or keep up with your fitness goals?

What’s your favorite tip from above?

How are you doing with your Nee Year’s Resolution?

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80 Replies to “10 Tips on How to Stay Motivated to go to the Gym”

  1. Great tips! I am all about the reward! 😉 I like to work toward something. That is a motivator to me!

    1. Working towards something is always a great motivator! Keep your eyes on the prize!

  2. I so need this. I am so bad about going to the gym. Once I am there, I am set, but it’s getting there.

    1. Yes absolutely my problem too! Hence why i’ve had to recommit to my New Year’s Resolution twice! Yikes!

  3. These are great tips and ideas…staying motivated is the hardest part!

  4. I personally do not go to the gym because I have two young children and stay at home. Just today I have made more trips up and down my stairs carrying heavy loads. Housework is my exercise!

    1. House work is a great exercise and I’ve found so many videos of work out exercises that you can do while doing housework! I struggled with finding a gym that had a daycare for my kids! I’m so thankful to have found one at an affordable price!

  5. Andrea Broom says: Reply

    These are all great tips and ideas, I think staying motivated sometimes is the toughest part. These are great to share with everyone!

  6. Great article very useful information. These are all great tips to stay motivated to keep going to the gym.

    1. Thanks! Glad you like them! Don’t forget to share!

  7. It’s really important to find the exercise that works for you so that you’re motivated to keep going. I love having a friend when working out, I feel like they push me to do more exercises! These are definitely good tips, tried and tested!

    1. Having a friend is great to keep your morale up! Definitely recommend!

  8. Excellent tips! I have to say even I don’t maintain motivation to hit the gym and can be too easily persuaded by my mind to just ditch it for a day! But every time I get there I stop complaining and feel much better

    1. Yes it’s getting there that is the hardest part for me too! I have to haul 2 toddlers with me that don’t want to go! That’s enough for me to want to skip the hassle for that day!

  9. These are great ideas! I’ve health issues that makes going to the gym a challenge but I’m hoping that one day, I’ll be able to do it.

    1. I’m sorry to hear that your health has prevents you from making it to the gym! I hope one day you can go too! In the mean time, what do you do for exercise?

  10. I need this. I haven’t even started going to the gym yet, that’s how much I am not motivated right now. But I really need to since having my baby. I will take these tips into account!

    1. Thats great! Yes post-baby body was also one of my motivators to go to the gym! Good luck! Thanks for visiting!

  11. I’ve been going back to the gym ever since the summer season started, I just think it’s the perfect season to get in shape. Although I have tried a lot of exercises, I make sure to stick to the ones that I love doing!

    1. That’s true! Find what you love! That will definitely help keep you motivated!

  12. Motivation is SO hard for me. I’ve been working up to going to the gym by going for long walks first.

    1. I started with long walks too! short jogs here and there but just diving in is what helps the most!

  13. Kim's Cravings says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this post! Motivation is the key to success!

    1. so true! Thanks for visiting!

  14. I get bored very easily so I agree with you that changing things up and trying something new would definitely help you feel motivated. I definitely should exercise more.

    1. I think everyone can say they need to exercise more and I know that changing up my routine has helped me keep motivated and feel like I’m getting a well-rounded exercise!

  15. I also get bored easily and I know I should exercise more. I recently discovered I like, maybe love, yoga. I love the meditation at the end, so that motivates me get through the crazy intense poses, knowing the sweet stuff is at the end.

    1. Yoga sounds amazing! It sounds so calming yet so dang painful lol! I have zero tone and holding some of those yoga poses is WOW! haha

  16. I’ve always been athletic and added dance to my routine in my teen years. A debilitating illness knocked me off my feet two years ago and the meds added 75 Ibs to my frame. A nightmare! I’m back on my exercise routine in full swing now and have safely shed 25 of those pounds. I take regular, trainer led classes and eat healthy. The commitment must start with us.

    1. Absolutely! So sorry to hear of your illness! I’m so glad you are doing better and finding that motivation to get fit again! I love dance and totally agree its a wonderful way to workout! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  17. This article is so timely. I went to the gym after 2 months today. If my gym gets discountied once its so hard to pick it up again.

    1. I agree! I think I missed an entire month and it started with just missing one day! those days add up!

  18. Kim Byars Croisant says: Reply

    I need to read these tips over and over again. We joined a gym as a family last month but have yet to go. YIKES!

    1. We had that issue to with previous gyms! Definitely easier now that our current gym has a daycare but I can totally relate!

  19. Congrats on moving forward with being more physically active. I understand the challenge of overcoming physical obstacles as I’ve been through a similar thing. I had an illness as a little kid that made me very physically weak. I’m thin, but not as strong as Id like. I got on an exercise kick in December and I’m challenging myself more than I ever have in my past. It’s so rewarding to get in shape when you know you had to work harder than the average person. At least that’s what I tell myself!

    1. So inspiring! I’m so glad that you’ve overcome your challenges and are working towards what you want! That’s great! I’m hoping to do the same thing! I just want to strengthen my body and not feel so weak ALL THE TIME! Please keep me updated! I would love to hear your journey! <3

  20. These are all such great tips! I find that if I have a training partner, I rarely miss my workouts!

    1. training partners and accountablility partners are must for me! can’t do the gym without them!

  21. Kristina Pache-Ferency says: Reply

    These are great tips! I work out at home using weights and my elliptical.

    1. I use to LOVE elipticals but because of my hip issues, I cant do them! it causes way too much separation with my hips and so until i can strengthen those, I can’t get on an elliptical :(! I’m so glad that you found what you needed at home! That’s wonderful!

  22. Cecilia C. Cannon says: Reply

    all great tips but being a great role model for my kids is definitely the top of the list. really want to accomplish it for that reason.

    1. Absolutely! I want my kids to see that fitness is important! Thanks for stopping by!

  23. Brittany Muddamalle says: Reply

    Going to the gym has been so hard! I was going every day for a while then my son got sick and it messed up all of my motivation ha!

    1. lol! yeah I had to miss a few days of the gym because my kids got sick and I didn’t want to infect all the kids at the daycare gym!Yikes!

  24. I struggle with this! Life is so busy that it is easy to let everything else get in the way. I find making an appointment for myself seems to work best.

    1. that’s great! it seems that once I made time for the gym, I finished all my other priorities in time and had nothing else to do but go to the gym! Thanks for stopping by!

  25. Brandi Puga (Big Fit Fam) says: Reply

    I have created routine that i simple don’t stray from, and if i do I don’t feel right anymore! Rewards are importnat to, you need some good motivation some days…like “i can buy new earring if i just push through!”

    1. Rewards are great! Great motivators to keep going! I feel the same too! After having the gym as a daily routine for me, even missing one day because of a sick kid threw off my groove!

  26. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says: Reply

    Now these are tips I need and can use. I am so not motivated to do anything close to the gym but I have to!

    1. I’m terrified of gyms so take it from me, you will find a way! Thanks for visiting!

  27. These are great tips… I especially like the idea of making an appointment for yourself to work out! 🙂

  28. Amber Nelson says: Reply

    I try to workout 6 days a week. If I go to the gym and I actually get there, I do workout hard.

    1. Thats awesome! 6 days is great! Thanks for visiting!

  29. My old gym partner switched gyms, so now I have to find a new gym partner. Funny enough one thing that made me not want to go to the gym was the parking was always full haha. Maybe I need a new gym.

    1. Ugh! I hate when the parking lot is full because it usually means the place is packed and I have to wait for machines or weights! That would be enough reason for me to make the switch too!

  30. Kaity Johnson says: Reply

    Classes are always so key for me when it comes to going to the gym consistently. It’s a great way to mix it up a little bit.

    1. That’s so true! And classes that I haven’t tried before are wonderful because I’m looking forward to finding out what great workouts I can try next!

  31. Jhilmil Bhansali says: Reply

    Great ideas, what set me into motion was having my partner besides me, which supported both of us rather.

  32. I haven’t been to an actual gym in years. But my daughters do see my husband and I making an effort to fit in daily exercise at home and outside of the house with family outings. It’s so important to be good role models for our children.

  33. Silvija Rimkiene says: Reply

    So great ideas! So missing my gym after moving to another city

  34. having an “accountibili-buddy” helps in so many ways!

  35. Rachel Catherine says: Reply

    These are so great! Although I’m not big on meeting people are the gym. I’d like it better if a real life friend would go with me.

  36. It’s hard to schedule with so many commitments. And the boredom sets in and I stop going.

  37. I have a trainer and it has certainly pushed my exercise to a whole new level.

  38. Chelsea-Rae Sane says: Reply

    Great post! If I’d ever get myself back to working out on the regular, I’d definitely use these tips! I definitely need an accountability partner, because I make many excuses why I can skip days. =

  39. Going to the gym is one of my biggest struggles. Instead, I incorporate a workout into my daily routine – stretching before bed, walking to pick up baby girl from school, getting off the bus a stop earlier, etc. I know they’re simple, but its a good first step for me. Thanks for sharing!

  40. Babies to Bookworms says: Reply

    Having a partner to go with definitely helps! Makes it a lot more fun too.

  41. Suzie Boluarte (Happy Mess MOM says: Reply

    These are some great tips and I’ve got no excuses! Our YMCA offers child watch…after reading this…I better go the gym this week!!!

  42. Hoestly, I am in a phase where I need motivation to start my workout again. The Tips are great and will follow them for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  43. I really need the motivation and I have tried to get myself to go back, but it just isnt working. I feel like I am fine with doing exercise at home though I need gym equipment.

  44. I have found that doing interval training at the gym keeps me motivated!

  45. These are some great tips! I have been working hard to stay on track this year.

  46. I had a gym membership for one year. I went faithfully, and I sooo wish I could afford it now. If you have a membership, don’t waste it!!!! Get your money’s worth!!!

  47. Oh, I need good motivation because I sure do not like going to the gym! These look good to me.

  48. These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing! I prefer to workout at home, since I have three little ones that I homeschool every day. It can still pretty hard to get motivated at times, but having schedule and sticking to it really helps make it a routine that you stick to. It almost becomes a habit.

  49. These are all good. I think, for me, changing the exercises would be key, because boredom can set in.

  50. I have a gym in my building (we live in a city condo), which you’d think would make it so easy to get there everyday – nope! I still need my accountability partner (hubby!) to get me there at least every day!

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