3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids

3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids
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Spring cleaning season is among us and for families with young kids, spring cleaning season could be every season, every month, week and day!  I know that’s how it is at my house!  My kids are still at the age where they want to please mom and love to help me with my chores around the house.  Of course they aren’t always so sweet so I do resort to some creative play time in which they help me with household chores without them even thinking it’s work.

This week, our guest post is from Louise Myers about her tips on how to use cleaning as an education activity for young kids to develop some needed responsibilities and other development skills.  At Mommy Engineering, I love to have guest posts with different parenting styles.  This post differs from another guest blogger’s parenting style on reward.  What are your thoughts on rewarding your children?

Maintaining a clean and organized home is not an easy task, especially when the kids don’t help with the chores.   Cleaning is actually a good educational activity that teaches them responsibility and self-control.  By incorporating the whole family in this daily assignment makes cleaning so much fun. Here are 3 creative and educational ways to clean with kids without making them feel bored and exhausted.

3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids

3 Creative Ways to Use Cleaning as an Educational Activity for Young Kids

Good habits start from an early age so teaching the kids to clean up after themselves is so important for their future development. They learn essential skills, as well as basic principles that will guide them throughout the rest of their lives like knowing what is responsibility, consequences and the value of work. However, teaching them these fundamentals of life requires time, effort and consistency. Children learn best by copying their parents and through play. Parents can show them how to clean and come up with fun and creative ways to turn cleaning into a game.  They will be happy to participate in cleaning activities if you make it all look like a fun game.

1.  Color game –  One of the simplest games for the little ones is this fun and educational color game.  Give them a bag or a little basket and have them pick up every red items and then do the same with the rest of the colors.

2.  Sorting game Using the same concept with a bag or little basket, have them pick up items they can play with or items they get in the shower with. These games can also help your kids learn to count by seeing how many items there are in the bag, the more the better!

3.  Mission game You can turn every cleaning activity into a “mission game.”  In order to successfully complete the mission, the kids will need to do simple chores such as cleaning the dust off light switches, picking up socks off the floor, or scavenge what’s under the bed.

Things to Consider to Increase Your Success

1.  The age of the child: You can’t expect 3-year-olds to help you with everything.  Start by giving them specific and step-by-step instructions. For example: Instead of telling them to clean up their mess, tell them to pick up all their toys and put them in a box.

2.  Give them specific tasks like pick their clothes off the floor, gather all the puzzle pieces and sort out their toys by type, etc.

3.  Set clear deadlines for each task otherwise children can put off the completion of chores indefinitely.

4.  Explain the consequences for each task that they do not complete will be. For example, if they don’t pick up the toys off the floor by the time a song is over, they won’t be able to play with them tomorrow. Don’t punish them, tell them why it is important to follow your rules.

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Rewarding for Motivation

A good motivational tool is rewarding your little cleaners. At the end of each task or cleaning game give them a certain number of points. They can be in the form of stickers that can be put on a little board in the kids’ room. And based on the amount of stickers they have, you will give them little treats once a month. This system will teach them that work is indeed important and that it is in fact beneficial for both sides. If they are a little older, you can give them extra money, depending on how many chores they have done in the last month. It will make them at least partially financially responsible and literate, which will be a useful thing in their future.

Being a good parent requires everyday battles, so don’t try to win them all. Sometimes your home will be a mess, but once the kids start helping out, you will know that everything was worth it.

About the Author:

Louise Myers is a small business owner and a mom of two small children. She has plenty of experience in both parenting and cleaning. Her company is End of Tenancy Cleaning Agency Abbey Wood, a cleaning service located in London.  Learn more about Louise Myers and her company here >> Website

Things to Consider

What types of cleaning games have you come up with to have your young kids help with household chores?
Do you believe in rewarding your kids for tasks like household chores?
What’s your favorite game from this post?

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71 Replies to “3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids”

  1. I don’t do allowance with my kids like my parents did for me when I was a kid and helped with chores. I do believe in the reward system, though, and buy my kids goodies for helping.

    1. Yes I try to do the same thing as well Robin! I believe in the reward system but only for some things! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the reward system! <3

  2. Ilka Bermann says: Reply

    This was much needed. Thank’s for sharing xxxx

    1. Thank you for visiting!

  3. Angela Walker says: Reply

    Great ideas on getting the younger ones involved and making it a learning experience. They love to help!!

    1. They do love to help and at a certain age, they still love to please! Thanks so much for visiting!

  4. We always believed that keeping house was a family responsibility and we taught that you just needed to pitch in. We made sure that when she helped, that we went somewhere or did something special, and made sure she knew we could do those things because she helped and saved time!

    1. That’s a great way to promote responsibility with your kids! I love your ideas! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! <3

  5. Blake Ashlyn Smith says: Reply

    Love this!!

  6. Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com says: Reply

    This is great. We just started doing allowance with our kiddos, and they help out to get it and we usually reward for motivation too which is nice.

    1. We haven’t done allowances yet but we are setting up something to get it started! I will have to get back to you and pick your brain from some good ideas <3 Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  7. I think you’re right that it’s extremely helpful to be specific with your intstructions, especially with little kids. If I just say ‘Clean up your playroom’ they don’t know where to start and get distracted easily. But when I say ‘Big sister pick up all the books, little sister pick up all the animals, and I will pick up the blocks’ then they jump into faster.

    1. That is so true! Thanks for sharing how these step-by-step instructions have really helped you with your kids helping! that’s awesome! <3

  8. When my youngest was little, we did things like this to get her to help clean up, and she learned colors, and how to sort before she even went to preschool. We always made clean up a game, so that she thought it was fun. Thankfully, she is 11 now, and cleans like a pro!

    1. That’s amazing! Her future spouse will definitely be thankful of the skills you’ve taught her! haha <3

  9. Cayla Daniels says: Reply

    The color game is brilliant!! Definitely going to be using that one in the future!

    1. We use the color game all the time in our home because I’ve been trying to be super organized with their toys! <3 Thanks for visiting!

  10. These are some great ideas! I have definitely tried to get my niece and nephew to tidy up by colour sorting before, or timing them to see how quickly they can do it! Works like a charm

    1. I know! As long as its a game with a little friendly competition, its so cute to watch them do something that you consider a chore lol! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

  11. These are great ideas! Children aren’t always excited to clean, but making it a game can help.

    1. Exactly! It does help quite a bit, especially when they are young and they just want to impress you <3

  12. Karen Yannacio Morse says: Reply

    Setting clear deadlines is a major foundation for any task that you want your child to do. It’s important that they understand how time management is a big part of the entire process!

    1. It is a very important step to this process! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  13. Having kids learn to clean up after themselves can be so helpful to moms, these are great ideas!

    1. Thank you! so glad you liked this post, thanks for visiting!

  14. Marcie in Mommyland says: Reply

    I’ve been learning how to talk to my 3yo so he understands what I mean when I say “clean up.” Now I say “put your trains in this bin” or “put your clothes in the hamper.” It’s helped a lot. I love the idea about the color game! I’m trying that out!

    1. That’s so great! We sing the Daniel Tiger song … umm “Clean up, Pick up, put away.. clean up, everyday!” works amazingly well lol, and it’s so cute to hear my kids sing with me lol.

  15. My kids love the 10 minute tidy – they make it into a race to see who can clean the most in that time period, and they also like to try and finish the job before the timer goes off. Win-win in my book 🙂

    1. i love that idea! I need to try that on my boys! Great suggestion! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  16. Jhilmil Bhansali says: Reply

    Having kids to clean up is so important & these tools are really kid friendly & nice.. I create a sort of competition i the house for cleaning & it helps me so much:)

    1. Great tip on using competition! I can so use that on my boys! Friendly brotherly competition 🙂

  17. Reesa Lewandowski says: Reply

    I am going to give these ideas a try! My kids are older – 6 & 8 – and getting them to clean up is still hard!

    1. I can imagine so! hope these help!

  18. I especially like your tip about breaking it down for the youngest set!

    1. I think it’s a wonderful tip and one that is easily overlooked! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  19. Great tips to keep learning while helping fun. We used to let the children sort and pair socks… we would have a few odd matches sometimes. 😉

    1. haha, i could see how they would happen! Need to try this with my kids! a i have tons of socks to sort through!

  20. I was pretty spoilt as a kid that I didn’t really end up doing much cleaning, but my parents would have had to bride me with money if they did x

    1. lol i admit i’m spoiled too but if my dad asked, it wasn’t really asking because there wasn’t any other option but it get done! lol

  21. TheNewClassy says: Reply

    That was a very good post! I wish I had thought of some of these things when my daughter was younger. I think it would have been very beneficial to her and me.

    1. absolutely! i’m sure you could pass this on to someone whose kids are younger! Thanks for visiting!

  22. Great ideas. Teaching your kids to clean up at young age is important. By giving them tasks that are age appropriate and making them a game, you can instill good habits earlier.

    1. I agree’ Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  23. TheMummyToolbox says: Reply

    some fab ideas! I am an advocate for getting kids to help out with chores, as long as they are age specific and mine quite enjoy it too! Especially if you turn it into a game

    1. I agree, age appropriate chores are key!

  24. These are all fabulous ideas to get the kids to help out around the house. I really love the sorting one, and so does my daughter.

    1. that’s great! thanks for visiting!

  25. This is awesome. It’s nice to be able to teach the kids to clean and still make it fun and educational for them. I think these are great ideas and it’s definitely going to lighten my load as well.

    1. It helps you for sure! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  26. I’ve been looking for different ideas to keep the kiddos busy this summer and these are so great. Plus, they’ll help with the tidying up!

    1. Awesome so glad this has helped you out!

  27. My youngest daughter is only two and she loves to help clean! She really likes specific chores but my oldest daughter is completely opposite!

    1. i love that age, they just want to please you!

  28. Brittany Muddamalle says: Reply

    Ooh the mission idea is amazing! My kids are all about games and missions so I think they would be on this so quickly!

    1. haha thanks so glad you liked it!

  29. CourtneyLynne Storms says: Reply

    Ooooo great suggestions!!! I can be tough to get kids to do anything! Making games out of things would probably work with my daughter

  30. The only way I can get my kid to clean is by rewarding with something. If I don’t he takes the entire week to clean up his room.

  31. Amber Nelson says: Reply

    I definitely am trying this. My kids need to learn that cleaning is a part of life! Ha! No, but seriously, having chores is good for them.

  32. Jean Standley says: Reply

    This is such a great idea! Its important for children to be brought up to help with the house as it will stand them in good stead for when they’re adults. Plus, if it’s educational its even better! It should be fun rather than a chore 🙂

  33. My son used to loathe doing chores, but he looks forward to doing them now! It’s a great way to keep him busy. 🙂

  34. Frosted Events says: Reply

    I’m training my son teach how to fix his bed and put his toys in the proper area and I love the idea to have a Motivation reward.

  35. Utilizing Wall Space to Declutter Your Child's Bedroom ⋆ says: Reply

    […] 3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids […]

  36. NBoutique Dubai says: Reply

    As a mom of two kids, I always tell them to fix their bed and after playing , keep their toys in proper place and don’t make fight with her sister as I am not always at home since I’m busy working too. But I got a solution, I hired some maids cleaning here in Dubai to clean the house and to check after my kids. Thanks to them.

  37. great thank for sharing

  38. Of all, I love the color game. This would be a great way to get the grandkids to clear the playroom floor of their toys!

  39. These are pretty creative. Kids would like the sense of accomplishment when they get it done.

  40. These are great ideas.

  41. i like keeping the kids busy with all kinds of differet activities

  42. (3 Creative Cleaning Activities as Educational Fun for Young Kids) Our five year old grandson has been doing his chores for over a year now. He knows how to make his bed and keep his room clean also.

  43. The tips for getting the kids to clean are really fantastic and clever. Thanks.

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