4 Ways Your Carpet Cleaner May Be Harming Your Family

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4 Ways Your Carpet Cleaner Could Be Harming Your Family

My toddler runs in soaking wet and the dogs are following after him with muddy paws.  My baby screams as mud flies all over my house and the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up.  I let out a deep sigh, take the dogs out and grab both kids and drop them in the bath tub.  Fresh and clean again, we get downstairs and I pull out the carpet cleaner.  

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It seems that carpet cleaners are the new thing to have these days with every major vacuum manufacturer coming out with their own version. They help keep my carpets clean to help prevent my little ones from the nasty things my dogs, and kids, track in from outside.  Unfortunately with all wonderful inventions, improper use can cause more damage to your health instead.  Check out these four ways that your carpet cleaner could be harming your health!

#1: Mold can grow inside the tank of your carpet cleaners if you don’t drain them properly and they will cause horrid odors that are impossible to get out.  This mold is then exposed to your family because it is leaked onto your carpet each time you use it.

Tip:  Always check, clean, and replace your filters.  Take apart your vacuums and remove gunk and debris as they can get into your motor and ruin them.

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#2: Have new carpet? Stop using your carpet cleaner! Exposing new carpet to a deep carpet cleaner will just push the dirt further into the carpet and down into the pads causing gunk and mold.  New carpets are only going to have surface stains in which spot treatment and a normal vacuum will work wonders on.

Did you know?  Check your carpet’s warranty, use of carpet cleaners may void your warranty!

This is what we use in our home and I’ve worked with this company and absolutely love them! Check them out on Amazon, get a quart for $25.30 and a little goes a long way!

#3: Never use a carpet cleaner on a floor that does not have concrete underneath the carpet pad.  All ground floors will always have concrete under your carpet pad. If you have a second floor, it’s likely that underneath your carpet pad is wood.  If you use a carpet cleaner upstairs it will also saturate the wood and cause it to expand leading to creaking sounds and worse, cause mold growth.

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#4: Using carpet cleaner solution saturates your carpets with chemicals you can’t get out.  Instead, use only hot water and no chemicals added.

Tip: Always use hot tap water instead of using your cleaner’s build-in heater as heating will cause a chemical reaction between the carpet fibers and whatever stain to permanently bond together making removing odors and stains very difficult.

Keep your family safe and healthy by knowing how to prevent doing more harm than good when using your carpet cleaner!  

Did you know about these four tips?  Can you add to my list?

I’d love to hear from you!  Leave me a comment!

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45 Replies to “4 Ways Your Carpet Cleaner May Be Harming Your Family”

  1. Michaela Kenkel says: Reply

    Oh my gosh! I had no idea!! Thanks for the great tips!

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. Interesting. I never knew using a carpet cleaner could be harmful to my family. Another thing I never thought much about other than getting my carpets clean.

    1. I’m glad you found this post helpful! Thank you for stopping by! I hope we can connect!

  3. I didnt know this…. sigh. I use a carpet cleaner all the time, now I need to reconsider.

    1. It is still a wonderful invention! I still use it in my home, I’m just more careful!

  4. Never thought of that, I am completely icked out now, lol!

    1. I KNOW! I had fun researching about this! It completely grossed me out and then I was like, “well yeah… I should’ve known that because it makes total sense!”

  5. Wow! What an illuminating post! We don’t have carpet except in our bedrooms so I’ve never used a carpet cleaning but these facts are great to know. Thanks for sharing with us at Merry Monday.

    1. Thanks for hosting!

  6. Heather McFarland says: Reply

    What are we supposed to clean upper floor carpets with if they are badly soiled if not the carpet cleaner? I’m a caregiver and with my client I have to clean up urine and occasionally feces.

    1. I highly recommend a professional carpet cleaner. They use extremely high powered suction that will help suck everything out. There are also chemical-free solutions.

  7. Linda Manns Linneman says: Reply

    I did not know any of this information. I learned alot by your sharing. Thank you so much

    1. Your welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I love my carpet cleaner. I sadly use it upstairs as it is great for cleaning up puke

    1. I understand that completely!

  9. Madison Crowley says: Reply

    As a Nanny, this is a huge help when cleaning up as she is getting older. I want to keep her as safe as possible! Thanks for sharing!


    1. I’m so glad you found this post helpful! It must be so much fun to be a nanny but great that you are aware of these things too! Thanks so much for visiting!

  10. I’m so glad that you share this! I watch my nephew who’s 3 months old , who keeps spitting up all over my floor. I need help getting the stain and smell out!

    1. Oh dear! I hope your nephew is doing alright! I know it might be tempting to just dive in and get the carpet cleaner but good ol’ fashion scrubbing will do the trick <3

  11. Brenda Harris Haire says: Reply

    These are great tips! I really never thought of cleaning second story carpet. Glad I don’t have a two story right now. I wish they had a complete self cleaning vacuum. I hate cleaning my filter or any of the parts.

    1. I so understand about those filters! They are so annoying and I always forget to clean them out too! <3 Thanks so much for visiting!

  12. Brandi Kennedy says: Reply

    These are great tips – and that bit about using them on upper floors makes me glad our house has hard wood floors! We do clean our rugs quite a bit though.

    1. I wish we could have hardwood in our home but that’s for later down the line! Thanks so much for visiting!

  13. Sondra Barker says: Reply

    This is a great article. I don’t think a lot of people realize when they saturate their carpets, the harm that can come from it. These are great tips.

  14. Wow, this is really a helpful post! Good thing I’ve never used a carpet cleaner. I’ve thought about it once but I felt like it doesn’t do good. Phew.

  15. David Elliott says: Reply

    I have used carpet cleaners in the past but I am not sure how it all works and it never works as well as I think it should. I am glad to know that I shouldn’t be using it in the future.

  16. I didn’t know any of these things as I’ve not used a carpet cleaner before. I recently changed from beige to grey carpets as the former required too much cleaning x

  17. Enricoh Alfonzo Naidu says: Reply

    My friends mom is a stay at home too and she’s always looking for new ways to clean the house. I cant wait to share your views and innovations with her

  18. Thanks for your tips. Now I know what to steer clear from when doing the cleaning of my carpet.

  19. These are all reasons I refuse to have carpet in my home. I end up sweeping a lot, but my allergies were so bad, I couldn’t handle carpet.

  20. Elizabeth Brico says: Reply

    Ahhh so the reason my landlord never ever cleans the carpets, even after tenants move out or new ones move in, is because he is health conscious! I thought he was a slum lord, but in fact he cares about us deeply. Thank you for this insight 😛
    Seriously though this is good info for people to know, glad you’re putting it out there

  21. Angela Milnes says: Reply

    This is the first time that I heard about this and Thanks for the great tips i will keep this on my mind

  22. I don’t currently own a carpet cleaner but I have the same issue as you do – the kids. I tend to use frabreeze to clean the mess. After reading this post, I should definitely check my second floor carpet.

  23. Laura Hutchins says: Reply

    My husband is asthmatic so we don’t really have carpet in our house. We just have a rug.

  24. I didn’t even think about mold! Thanks for this information. I will pass it along to those ï know who still have carpet as well.

  25. I have wooden floors in my home as trying to keep my carpets clean with two little kids was a never ending job.

  26. Pam Dollesin says: Reply

    Good to know, prevention is better than cure! Thanks for this!

  27. Next Level Blogging says: Reply

    These are great tips. I don’t have carpet, but my mom uses a carpet cleaner several times a year. I will pass these along.

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  31. These are interesting. I didn’t know just cleaning the carpet could void a warranty.

  32. I never thought about these risks! I bet they are similar for my steam cleaner.

  33. Thank you so much for the information and tips in this article. I never knew.

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