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4 Ways Your Carpet Cleaner May Be Harming Your Family

4 Ways Your Carpet Cleaner Could Be Harming Your Family

My toddler runs in soaking wet and the dogs are following after him with muddy paws.  My baby screams as mud flies all over my house and the hair on the back of my neck stick straight up.  I let out a deep sigh, take the dogs out and grab both kids and drop them in the bath tub.  Fresh and clean again, we get downstairs and I pull out the carpet cleaner.  

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It seems that carpet cleaners are the new thing to have these days with every major vacuum manufacturer coming out with their own version. They help keep my carpets clean to help prevent my little ones from the nasty things my dogs, and kids, track in from outside.  Unfortunately with all wonderful inventions, improper use can cause more damage to your health instead.  Check out these four ways that your carpet cleaner could be harming your health!

#1: Mold can grow inside the tank of your carpet cleaners if you don’t drain them properly and they will cause horrid odors that are impossible to get out.  This mold is then exposed to your family because it is leaked onto your carpet each time you use it.

Tip:  Always check, clean, and replace your filters.  Take apart your vacuums and remove gunk and debris as they can get into your motor and ruin them.

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#2: Have new carpet? Stop using your carpet cleaner! Exposing new carpet to a deep carpet cleaner will just push the dirt further into the carpet and down into the pads causing gunk and mold.  New carpets are only going to have surface stains in which spot treatment and a normal vacuum will work wonders on.

Did you know?  Check your carpet’s warranty, use of carpet cleaners may void your warranty!

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#3: Never use a carpet cleaner on a floor that does not have concrete underneath the carpet pad.  All ground floors will always have concrete under your carpet pad. If you have a second floor, it’s likely that underneath your carpet pad is wood.  If you use a carpet cleaner upstairs it will also saturate the wood and cause it to expand leading to creaking sounds and worse, cause mold growth.

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#4: Using carpet cleaner solution saturates your carpets with chemicals you can’t get out.  Instead, use only hot water and no chemicals added.

Tip: Always use hot tap water instead of using your cleaner’s build-in heater as heating will cause a chemical reaction between the carpet fibers and whatever stain to permanently bond together making removing odors and stains very difficult.

Keep your family safe and healthy by knowing how to prevent doing more harm than good when using your carpet cleaner!  

Did you know about these four tips?  Can you add to my list?

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