Acts of Kindness and Good Things Challenge: A Blog Series

Acts of Kindness and Good Things Challenge: A Blog Series

I was inspired last week to start a new blog series while I sat inside a McDonald’s play area of all places.  With the latest Florida high school mass shooting, I think it’s important to take an inventory of the acts of kindness and good things we do experience on a regular, if not daily, basis.  It may be easy to miss them but when we don’t, it gives us a feel good moment that sometimes we just need to get by a tough day or add on to a wonderful day.

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Acts of Kindness and Good Things Challenge: A Blog Series

The Story

Last week I was sitting at McDonald’s play area and was just looking around at the employees and parents with me in this room.  There are many other play areas in town but I always seemed to find myself at this one.  It’s my kids’ favorite place to go and I started to ask myself why that was.  The play place structure, food, and toys was like that of any other.  Then the sweet older lady that worked there came up to my boys and I.  She knew them by name and asked them:

“How are you cute boys doing today?” as she pulled out cards from her apron.  She handed each my boys a playing card with a service dog from the Rio Rancho Police Department’s K-9 Unit.  She also gave them stickers and asked me if I needed anything at all from the front so I didn’t have to leave my boys to go and get it.  She proceeded to talk to my son about how great he was doing writing his name on his Valentine’s Day cards and how kind of him it was to do that for his friends at school.  It was the normal sweet conversation we always had with her when we would come there.  

Then it dawned on me why I came to this McDonald’s every single Monday morning.  It was this sweet older lady that my kids loved and that all the parents subconsciously appreciated.  She didn’t have to talk to my kids and she definitely didn’t have to go and get me anything from the front because everything was in plain sight for everyone and anyone to get themselves.  She did it because it was the kind thing to do and probably because she loved doing it.  All the other employees were younger ranging from teenagers to mid-30’s and besides counter service courtesy, they went about their day completely unaffected by your presence.

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This Week’s Challenge

With this new blog series, I want to inspire and challenge you every week.  This week’s Acts of Kindness Challenge is visit your local McDonald’s, Burger King, or any other restaurant and ask at least one person if there is something they need from the front.  It could be a refill, some salt and pepper, or ketchup packets.  Will you take the time, approximately less than a minute or 30 seconds, to do something so small and yet so kind?

Do you accept my challenge?  

Have you had anyone do something kind for you in a restaurant-style environment like my story here?  How did it make you feel or how would you think you felt had someone done something kind for you?

I would really love to hear from you even if you didn’t accept my challenge!  Leave me a comment below and let me know what you thought of this story.  If you accepted my challenge, I would love for you to tell me about it; what you did, how it made you feel, etc.

Thank you for taking the time and visiting Mommy Engineering!

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  • Scott

    We prefer to just pay for the order behind us. That way they are completely surprise and some of the time they never find out who did it!

  • Lisa Grant

    Love, love this! So many kind people in the world still. I have been at a restaurant where people gave me coupons that they couldn’t use and we have reciprocated by buying coffee for others or buying sandwiches for homeless people. Kindness make the world go round!

  • Ruthie Ridley

    I couldnt love this more!! What a powerful message and something everyone needs to implement more in their lives!

  • Sondra Barker

    Aw wow what a great thing you did. We need more people like you in the world!

  • Kyla Matton Osborne

    She sounds like a very special lady! Especially when someone is in a business with small children, it can be really difficult just to get to the table with the food – let alone to get condiments, straws, or napkins on the way there…

  • Aireona93

    I might consider doing this, but I never eat fast food. XD I might need to think of another alternative though, because I love your idea!

  • Candy Kage

    Great way to show and teach children how to actually help others. Good example.

  • Deb Reader

    This is so important these days! I try to instil kindness in my kids more than any other trait. We love the book, ‘Have you filled your bucket’ – all about the same idea.


  • Stephanie

    Wow how sweet of you to share your thoughts about acts of kindness. It’s cool you have a favorite place to go partially do to the kindness of that lady. I appreciate your challenge for us all to do the same. great inspirational post!

  • Yeah Lifestyle

    How wonderful, we sometimes take the act of kindness for granted. Its so important to go out of our way to help others, even its a small gesture to make them feel special.

  • AlongtheWay

    I support everything mentioned in this article. There is never anything wrong with spreading kindness.

  • Amanda | Maple Alps

    So great! I wish more people would do Acts of Kindness challenges! We could use a whole lot more love in this world.

  • Laura Londergan

    I love the message here as I think too often in our society, all people care about is themselves which is soo soo sad. It only takes one person to start a change and you did it.

  • Tina Hogan Grant

    It’s for reasons like this, that I choose to live in a small town town where everyone knows each other. A trip to the post office takes sometimes an hour because I’m having fun chatting to the locals. I I’ll get call from local merchants if my dog gets out (which she has sometimes) letting me know they have my dog. We all look out for one another and have each other’s back. We need more of this in our world

  • Brittany Kollmer

    What a great message. I wish more people lived their lives this way.

  • Clare Liz – NinjaVAServices

    This is a wonderful idea. We could all do with spreading more kindness around. Kudos to you.

  • Anam Anam

    I am considering doing this too. It is such an excellent idea and I love the message.

  • Andrea Warren

    We have had people do this for us and we have done it for others. I love it when I see it being done and our kids love to to do it. It’s been awhile so thanks for the reminder

  • Mary Jingjing Mortos Lopez

    I love the idea and the challenge you have in this post. I would love to do this one of these days. Its a small act of kindness but I know it’ll be rewarding.