Better Sleep One Night at a Time with my Honeywell Humidifier

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Especially during the winter season, I find it difficult to sleep without my Honeywell humidifier.  The cold, dry air makes my nose hurt and sometimes, bleed.

I live in New Mexico but I wasn’t born here.  When my family first moved here, we suffered from constant nose bleeds because we were not use to the dry climate.  My dad bought each room its own humidifier and over the years, my family had the occasional nose bleed.

Now with two little ones in the house, they too are suffering from nose bleeds.  With winter upon us, I am so lucky to have found the Honeywell Humidifier (Top Fill Cool Mist) !

Better Sleep One Night at a Time with my Honeywell Humidifier

There are some really great features with this humidifier.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Filter Free – HUGE BONUS
  • Auto Shut Off – when tank is empty
  • Ultra Quiet Operation
  • Mist outlet rotates 180 degrees
  • Output setting control – to control humidity output
  • Two ways to fill: at the humidifier or at the sink

Shopper’s Guide: Honeywell Humidifier

  • Run Time: Approximately 36 hours
  • Room Size: Medium-Large
  • Tank Capacity: 1.25 Gallons
  • Moisture Type: Ultrasonic Visible Mist
So how does it work?
  1. Water is poured into the top fill tank.
  2. The tank drains into the water reservoir.
  3. A nebulizer vibrates at ultrasonic frequency, breaking the water into fine mist.
  4. Cool, visible mist is propelled up a vertical chamber by a fan and released into the air.
Benefits of keeping indoor humidity between 40-60%
  • Helps relieve of dry air discomforts.
  • Helps Relieve of congestion and cough.
  • Helps keep plants healthier.
  • Helps keep throat and nasal passages hydrated.
  • Helps reduce static electricity.
  • Helps protect furniture.
Tips for using a humidifier
  • Prevent calcium deposits into the air and from building up inside the humidifier by using distilled water.
  • Purchase demineralization cartridge to filter natural minerals from water.
  • Ensure no mold growth by properly cleaning and storing your humidifier.

Honeywell Humidifier

This is definitely the best humidifier I own and I’ve been purchasing humidifiers from Honeywell for years now!  I love this brand and I trust it!  This humidifier is SO QUIET!  My husband would complain about our old humidifier because it was so loud and it made it difficult for him to sleep at night.  My favorite feature about this humidifier is the fact that it doesn’t have a filter!  I hated soaking, cleaning, and replacing the filters!  My other favorite feature about this is the automatic shut off when the water runs out.  I’m so glad they came up with this because I’ve left my humidifier on, wasting energy, without knowing it was empty!  I also love the large window to show the water fill line clearly so I know when it’s getting low.  I’ve been using this humidifier for about a month now and love it!  The first time I used it, I used regular tap water and did experience the white dust deposit of calcium surrounding my humidifier.  This was easily fixed by using distilled water.  The calcium white dust deposit easily wipes off so it’s not a big deal. 

Disclaimer: I received this product from Influenster and Honeywell in exchange for my honest opinion.  All thoughts are my own. 

Get it for yourself today! 


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24 Replies to “Better Sleep One Night at a Time with my Honeywell Humidifier”

  1. Thanks for the review. We have a humidifier in my sons room. Do you know if you can use the Vicks liquid in the water?

  2. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    We have forced hot air heat, so our house is DRY in the winter. We couldn’t get by without several humidifiers in our house.

  3. I need a new humidifier, every time i get a new one, it works for about a year then craps out 🙁

  4. We’ve been thinking about getting a humidifier, but haven’t yet. May need to look into this one!! I love that it is filter free!

  5. I always find that humidifiers are normally so noisy so I am pleased that this one is so quiet. I might have to check it out as it would be great for my room!

  6. I’ve used to use a humidifier in our home years before we move to our new one. I think is necessary to have a humidifier at home, especially in Winter. Honeywell humidifier has great features.

  7. I’ve been thinking about a humidifier for the LONGEST time, because I really want the air to be cleaner and better for me. We have cats, and while we keep them out of the bedroom, their hair and dander gets everywhere. It’s just inevitable, so I think this could help me breathe easier (since I’m allergic to cats LOL!) xx Adaleta Avdic

  8. We loved sleeping with a humidifier when we lived in Denver! There, it was a must! Now that we are in the south, it doesn’t seem to be needed as much, but when we aren’t feeling well it is a life saver with some essential oils!

  9. Wow. Awesome product. Never knew this. I don’t have a problem with dry air, but some of my friends do. This will be a lovely recommendation I’d pass on to them!

  10. I’m always debating whether I should get a humidifier or not. Thanks for the review!

  11. I could really use a good night’s sleep! It’s been so hard to rest enough during winter, but I hope this long weekend helps.

  12. We’ve never used a humidifier, however I am thinking with this cold weather we could use it!

  13. We were talking about getting a humidifier over the summer but didn’t. I think this year we might. especially if it ends up being another dry year in So Cal!

  14. I ADORE my humidifier/diffuser. I can tell a significant different in my sleep if I don’t use it. We diffuse lavender at night.

  15. I need a new humidifier. We had one and it went out on us. They really help me breathe in these dry winters. I will have to look into this one.

  16. I haven’t actually used a humidifier before and never had the need but I know a lot of people swear by them.

  17. We are in dire need of a humidifier in my daughter’s room and I wasn’t sure which brand to get. Thank you for this review. My husband and I will definitely be looking into this one for sure.

  18. CourtneyLynne says: Reply

    Oooo this sounds like a dream right now!!! I have the worst cold ever and I bet this humidifier would work wonders!!

  19. We need a good, new humidifier for the kids’ rooms. I’ll have to look into this one. It sounds good.

  20. I never had nose bleeds until I found myself in apartments during the winter where the air was so dry. I really could have used this humidifier it would have made it easier to breathe.

  21. It sounds like a lovely humidifier. I’m sure it’s really useful especially with all its lovely features. It’s nice to have a humidifier all year round especially during the winter and the summer.

  22. Not only do I need the humidifier to sleep. My skin takes a beating if I don’t have it on at night. Thanks for reminding me to fill it up!

  23. I really need to get one of these. The air does get so dry with the heat on here in Chicagoland all winter long. Thanks for the article.

  24. This is a really nice humidifier! We have one that we use constantly with three kids, they definitely do work wonders! Ours is nowhere near as nice as this and has seen better days though. I think it’s time to upgrade! Thank you so much for sharing.

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