Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas that Won't Break the Bank
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Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Hosting a baby shower soon?  Don’t break the bank with these budget friendly baby shower ideas for an adorably cute and elegant party!  

To round up the baby shower series this month, I was lucky enough to host my friend’s baby shower.  I was on a strict budget because also this month was my son’s 2nd birthday and my 5th wedding anniversary!  On top of that, I’m still recovering from a week long trip to Colorado and St. Louis!  Did I mention I also repainted my kitchen cabinets and prepared my garden?  Although it was all worth it, my budget was pretty much as stretched as it could get!  Here are my budget friendly baby shower ideas organized in sections to make sure you don’t break the bank!

Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Budget Friendly Baby Shower Ideas that Won't Break the Bank

The baby shower I hosted this month was for a young mother-to-be and I had sent out about 40 invites.  I’m not sure what happened but I had ZERO RSVP! Yikes!  So I had to make sure to plan for food that was inexpensive to make a lot of just in case all 40+ people show up.


Like in my recent post about frugal baby showers here, I set the time for the baby shower between 2:00pm and 4:00pm.  With this time period, I wouldn’t have to have a full lunch or dinner menu but rather snacks.

The snacks I bought and/or made:

  • Iced Pretzels – I bought a large bag of mini pretzels and pink candy melts and use a easy squeeze bottle to drizzle the melted candy on top of the pretzels.  This was a hit! Everyone loved it and ate it at handfuls!
  • Dipped Vanilla Oreo Thins –  I dipped 2 packages of Oreos in the remaining half-bag of pink candy melts halfway to add a cute touch to these oreos!
  • Pink & White dipped sprinkled Animal Crackers –  I bought a single bag and it was perfect for the occasion, it was already dipped in white and pink glaze so it matched my theme!

Hot & light party snacks I made:

  • Bacon-Wrapped Lil’ Smokies (recipe here)
  • Mini Scoops Tacos (recipe here)
  • Shanghai Lumpias (recipe here) – A special request from my friend and mother-to-be which everyone always loves!

Main Entrees:

  • Frito Pie Station – The grandmother-to-be volunteered her delicious Frito pie which was a big hit at the party as well!
  • Pork Vegetable Pancit – Another special request from my friend and also a tradition in Filipino families to have long noodles to represent a long life.  Recipe to follow in another post!


  • 4-5 dozen mini cupcakes (I bought 2 white cake mix boxes for a $1 each at my local grocery store and bought 1 easy squeeze pre-made icing in white to ice each cupcake.  I topped each cupcake with pink crystal icing).

Diaper Cake

Diaper cakes are so easy to make and it’s ridiculous how overpriced they are to buy them!  I’ve created two blog posts on how to make a diaper cake below:

  1. Jungle Theme Gender Neutral Diaper Cake
  2. Simply Pink Diaper Cake (This is the one I made for this party).

Check them out and see how easy they are to make and save yourself some extra money!

Party Favors

I was thankful to find some awesome things in the Easter collection at the dollar store.  I used:

  • Dollar Store Favor Boxes (10-pack pink butterfly & floral design).
  • Dollar Store candy bags.
  • Pink Easter grass.
  • “Thank You” stickers placed on each favor box.

Plating & Table Setting

  • Walmart – I bought pink utensils and paper products (cups, napkins, plates, straws) for $1 each because of the Easter holiday!  You can easily find these at the dollar store as well.
  • Dollar store – I bought 6 large, clear plastic serving trays for the snacks & cupcakes.

For setting I used the 6 serving trays from the dollar store and made stands out of pink plastic cups to create height levels. I filled the cups with rocks before using a hot glue gun to attach them to each other and to the serving try. The rocks will ensure that the stand be heavy enough to hold up the snacks and mini cupcakes.



Pick a central location to decorate, that way you don’t need to decorate everything in your house.  Make just one room the picture perfect baby shower we all see on Pinterest!

For decorations I bought and/made the following:

  • Decorative Fans – I bought these because I had a coupon from Party City but these are really easy to make with tissue paper or construction/craft paper.  (Alternative: make your own PomPoms from tissue paper – see this tutorial).
  • From Dollar Store: Baby shower themed garland, 1 bag each of pink and white latex balloons, and roll of pink curling string.
  • Set of pink baby socks.
  • Small package of mini clothspins.

I choose my formal dining area and covered my dining table with a white tablecloth.  Using my chandelier as a focal center point of the room, I hung garland from the corners of my dining room to my chandelier.  I also made my own garland using the curling string and clothespining balloons and the baby socks to it.  I used the decorative fans to fill in any gaps and to add depth and boldness!

I had a lot of fun hosting this baby shower!  It can be stressful for any new mother-to-be and I definitely didn’t want her to plan her own!  I was surprised how much money I saved and still had a really beautiful baby shower for her!  

Have you hosted a baby shower?  What budget friendly tips do you have for someone having to plan for a baby shower?

I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave me a comment! 

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