Science Center & Children’s Museum Explora Review

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Bad weather can be a nightmare for parents with young, active children.  I love to take my boys to Explora! The Science Center & Children’s Museum in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This place is fantastic for year-round educational fun for all ages, even parents!  Check out what you can do at Explora! in my Explora Review! 

Explora! is a children’s museum dedicated to hands-on learning that will engage all kids, at any age, to discover science and love it!  A multilevel building filled with huge, seemingly endless, exhibits designed specifically for young learners.  This museum gives kids the opportunity to learn at their level and that will increase cognitive and creative skills.

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The Science Center & Children’s Museum Explora Review in Albuquerque, New Mexico

My boys love coming to Explora! so we purchased the unlimited year pass and visit quite often, especially in the winter months when we can’t go to the zoo.  It took us at least 3-4 hours the first time we visited to get through just the first floor.  We came back the following week to see the second floor and the following week after to check out the playground and surrounding outdoor exhibits.  Explora! changes exhibits and puts in new, exciting exhibits throughout the years making it a perfect place to visit often.

Our Favorite Current Exhibits

There are several awesome exhibits to check out at Explora! but these are our favorites!

Water of Life Exhibit -The water exhibit is my husband’s favorite.  His work as a water resources engineer in town can really appreciate what this exhibit teaches the future generation.  From flow rates and pipes to dams and waterfalls, the water exhibit at Explora! is one of my kids’ favorites!

Sketch Theater! – Augmented Reality is a really great way to teach kids about technology!  With the Sketch Theater, you and your child will be able to draw and/or color themed objects (currently various cars and fishes) and upload them onto the big screen!  Your kids get to see their work come to life!

Curious Bubbles – The bubbles exhibit is both my kids’ favorite!  Everyone had such a great time making these huge bubbles!

New! Curious Contraptions – The latest exhibit offered at Explora! where kids can see the craftiness and mechanical engineering involved in creating each contraption!  These are so cute and my kids had fun looking and see what funny thing these cute little automata does!

Toddler Time & Baby Area

Explora! can get pretty busy, especially on weekends!  Even during the week, Explora! is host to many school field trips so Explora! has set aside a special time for their youngest guest learners!  Toddler Time is every Monday from 9AM (1 hour before regular hours) to 11AM for ages 4 and younger.  Not only do they get to check out all the exhibits, they also get to participate in Story Time and Music Jams!

Brayden, being just 22 months younger than Jameson has his own special baby area in Explora!  It’s a small room in which babies can crawl around and not feel intimidated by the older kids but also providing them a safe way to play and learn at their own pace!

Outdoor Exhibits and Play Areas

On the roof top patio area, build structures with huge blocks!  Have a picnic at one of the tables and enjoy the warm New Mexico weather during the summer!  Take the stairs down from this patio area and find a large playground!

Water Flow Patio Exhibit is an extension of the indoor water exhibit!

These exhibits are a little bit wetter than our indoor water exhibits, and offer just as many possibilities for experimentation and investigation into the intriguing properties of water. Can you build a dam out of LEGO® DUPLO® blocks? What happens when you pump water into a water tower that’s ten feet tall? Can you move a solar panel so it powers a fountain of your own design? – Explora

Check out these awesome experiments throughout Explora!

Even at a young age, my son Jameson loves trains and building little towns and constructing the railroad tracks.  This fun exhibit allows your kids the freedom to build their own world and go around and around!

Another major hit at Explora! is the bicycle on a tight rope!  This is the mini version but the life size ride is on the second floor hovering over the toddler area!  My husband actually rode this on a civil engineering field trip in college.

Playing with sand has never been so much fun!  This exhibit allows you to make hills in the sand and see the geographic contours and ridges as it maps it in real time!

Learn about frequencies and sounds along with pendulums the fun, interactive way!  This exhibit is huge with brief descriptions to the hows and whys that young learners can easily understand.

Learn about circuits the fun way!  This exhibit is has so many little boards like this one that my Dad and Jameson tinkered with for an hour!

Strong and fun magnet building and sensory play to problem-solving puzzles!  Even my own parents had a great time!

This exhibit is one of my favorites!  It is a huge rotating stainless steel disc accompanied with various balls and wheel discs that takes patience and a steady hand to get them running together!

There are so many fun exhibits at Explora! and you can take your time and always come back over and over!  Plus Explora! also offers events, classes and programs, and you can even rent it for birthday parties and weddings!

  • Adult Night
    • “When community members let us know they wanted a night at Explora without the kids, we listened, and created a night just for adults. Adult Night debuted at Explora in November 2004, and has grown into an evening popular with college students, young professionals, parents and grandparents on their night off from the kids, meet-up and singles groups, folks on date night, active retirement groups, and more.” -Explora
  • Parents’ Night Out
    • An awesome program that’s geared for parents’ to have a date night and their kids can be dropped off to enjoy the evening at Explora!
  • PoP: Meet a Scientist Program
    • “Visitors of all ages are invited to meet scientists and engineers who are neighbors in the community. In Explora’s Portal to the Public (PoP) Meet a Scientist programs, visitors participate in materials-rich, engaging activities as they learn about the current research of Albuquerque-area scientists and engineers.  Past activities, with scientists from Intel, Sandia National Labs, University of New Mexico, and Qynergy Corporation, have included experiments with lasers and optics, investigations on how steam can generate electricity, explorations on how tools can help us ‘see’ infrared and ultraviolet light, and challenges with brain teasers, just to name a few.” -Explora
  • Parties and Rentals
    • Find more information about hosting parties and renting the Explora! facilities here.

Visitor Information


Monday – Saturday 10AM – 6PM & Sunday 12PM – 6PM


  • Explora Members – FREE
  • Under Age 1 – FREE
  • Age 1-11 – $4
  • Age 12 – 64 – $8
  • Age 65+ – $5
  • Students or Military – $5

Note: Closed on January 1st, July 4th, the week after Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and December 25th.  Closes at 2PM on December 24th and 31st. 

Membership & The ASTC Passport Program

I loved Explora! and so does my entire extended family!  It definitely helps me keep my kids entertained on rainy days and I’m glad that I can take them here to learn something new!  This is why we purchased a membership to Explora!  Find membership pricing and details here.  With a membership to Explora! we also get enrolled into the ASTC Passport Program which allows us to get free admission into over 300 Association of Science-Technology Centers worldwide!

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Have you been to a children’s museum like Explora?
I would love to hear from you! Please leave a comment! 

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53 Replies to “Science Center & Children’s Museum Explora Review”

  1. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    My kids would love it there. We love going to hands on places like this as often as we can.

  2. Wow this museum is such an awesome place for kids! We have the children’s museum here in Houston. I haven’t been in a long time but I know many parents love to take their children there.

  3. I’ve been to Albuquerque 3 times for hockey tournaments & never knew about this place! Good to know I have somewhere to take the kids when we go next time…

  4. I love Children’s Museums. I love how hands on and fun they are, and how kids can be kids there! If I am ever in the area, I will check this one out!

  5. This is a lot like the Magic House near my parents. Tons of touchables, but we’re always bringing our hand wipes! It’s great for a rainy day.

  6. I adore science museums — they are such great places for kids to learn and families to have fun together. Looks like you had a great day!

  7. Wow, that’s an awesome museum! We went to something like that in Indiana a couple of years ago when we were visiting family. We don’t have anything like that where we live, and it’s a total bummer.

  8. We love going to museums!! This looks like a fun one for kids, perfect for a winter day to get out of the house.

  9. Cynthia @craftoflaughter says: Reply

    I love hand’s on museums and activities for the family. I will have to keep this one in mind if we ever make it to New Mexico!

  10. Hands on science centers are the best. This place looks awesome!!!

  11. This looks like a place that my kids would love! The Children’s Museum here in our area is definitely a family favorite.

  12. We haven’t been to any bad Science Museums. Whenever we travel I always like to locate the Science Museum i town!

  13. Love science museums that have so many hands-on activities for kids to dive right into! This one looks like the learning and fun are interchangeable!

  14. Oh this looks fun! We have something like this in San Antonio. It’s great for the little ones! Great pics!

  15. My kids would definitely be all about this museum! It look like so much fun and very hands on!

  16. Reesa Lewandowski says: Reply

    What a fun day for your family! We have museums like this where I live and they are just the best to get hands on, having fun and learning at the same time!

  17. This museum looks like it has a ton of interactive displays! I also like the look of the water part! There are a lot of museums that are around me that I keep saying I need to go to (: thanks for helping to motivate me by how cool this place looks!

  18. Your children’s museum looks like so much fun! We have a membership to the one here in Atlanta and I love it on rainy days because the kids are busy and can run around like they do outside. It’s amazing how much little ones can learn and be active in these type of environments.

  19. Awe! How sweet is this. I am not a mommy yet, but I can’t wait to take kids to such educational, yet fun places like this. Thaks for sharing.

  20. My kids love museums. I used to take my boys to the local childrens museum every week. I need to start taking my daughter more often.

  21. Angela Ricardo says: Reply

    What a nice place to bring my kids I bet they would enjoy to go there and they explore things. I love this museum I want to bring my kids there soon.

  22. What a cool place! I love that they are accommodating to really small children!

  23. Omg how fun!!! I love taking my daughter to places like this! She always has a blast and learns a ton

  24. Awww, museums are always such a fun learning opportunity! I wish I lived near one!

  25. I love going to museums its so much fun and very educational not only for kids but for adults too. I don’t have children yet but I do take my nephew out a lot that includes museums, zoo, aquarium and occasionally we go see a movie.

  26. This looks like a great time! Going to museums were some of my favorite field trips from childhood.

  27. This looks so fun! My son would love this! I remember my mom taking me to a place like this when I was young and thinking that it was the best day ever.

  28. That looks like such a great time, I love museums & I think it is so important to keep children

  29. katrina gehman says: Reply

    looks like everyone had a great time! i’ll have to take my kids sometime.

  30. This looks like a place my son would really enjoy to visit but the only problem is I don’t think he would agree to go back home when it’s time since he would like to stay even longer.

  31. OnceUponADollhouse says: Reply

    It looks like your kids had a great time! What a fun and educational experience.

  32. I love this kind of museums, they are great for both children and adults. I remember my visit to the Science Museum in London, where I was in queue with the children to test different things 🙂

  33. Now this looks like an awesome museum, I always think that for kids hands on is the best way for something to be.

  34. Oh cool, I just love museums like this! My kids always have so much fun.

  35. Chana + George says: Reply

    Hey, this is something I’m familiar with! Hello fellow Burqueño. I love checking out Explora! You don’t even have to be a “kid” to enjoy the place!!

  36. This could be nice for my son

  37. What a fantastic place to visit and take the kids for some educational fun, I am loving this.

  38. This place looks like such a great place to take kids! Love the bubble exhibit, the giant lego blocks, honestly everything looks so fun for kids!

  39. Mary Jingjing Mortos Lopez says: Reply

    This would be so much fun for my baby when she grows into a toddler next year. I love museum and I enjoy it like a kid does lol. Great experience!

  40. HomeJobsbyMOM says: Reply

    I love taking my kids to interactive science museums like this. We really liked COSI in Ohio. I wish I could go back and visit.

  41. Adaleta Avdic says: Reply

    This museum looks great for kids. Interactive experiences are a must.

  42. This looks like so much fun for kids (and adults)!

  43. That is a fun exhibit. My son loves trains too. In fact, my daughter does as well.

  44. Such a cool place to visit with the kids. It’s definitely proof that learning can also be so much fun! I’ve always liked taking my kids to museums when they were little. Love that they have little activities for the kids.

  45. This is the best place for kids. I have a relative in Albuquerque, I will definitely let them know about this place!

  46. I always loved taking the girls to the Children’s Museum, I think we should revisit it soon. I’m sure we’ll see it with different eyes.

  47. This place looks like so much fun!! I would definitely go here with my niece!

  48. kim@hungryhealthygirl says: Reply

    This looks like such a fun place! My kids would love this!

  49. Every kids dream to have fun. Feel loved and shoe love comes from these moments. They surely are the best and they remain so. Amazing pictures

  50. My sons always loved going to the science and discovery center. Very good for learning and exploring.

  51. I love that they let kids touch things. That’s what really excites kids. They want to really touch things and explore them.

  52. This looks like so much fun.

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