City Museum Review: St. Louis’ Ultimate Indoor Experience for All Ages

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During one of our family trips last year, we headed to St. Louis, Missouri to visit my parents.  One of the many tourist destinations we chose to visit was the City Museum!  The pictures you see on their website and online does not even begin to tell you the amazing experience this was for my family!  Check out my City Museum Review below to learn more about why this is rated the #1 Family Attraction in the World by!

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City Museum Reivew

City Museum Review: St. Louis’ Ultimate Indoor Experience for All Ages!

I carefully planned our itinerary for our family vacation to St. Louis online and I must say, one of the most unique places is found there; the City Museum is much more than what I expected!  My kids could not stop talking about this place and they can’t wait to go back!

City Museum Background

When you see the City Museum, you will automatically realize they re-purposed the entire building!  It is a 600,000 square foot building that use to be the International Shoe Company that was redesigned by Bob Cassilly, an internationally acclaimed sculptor.  City Museum first opened in 1997 and was constructed by Bob Cassilly and his crew of 20 artists who uses reclaimed building materials from the city itself!  They’ve incorporated salvaged bridges, cranes, and even abandoned planes among many other things in a fun, beautifully created way!

First Impressions

Upon arriving at City Museum, you can see the artistic work Bob Cassilly and his crew constructed immediately.  Huge metal apparatuses looping in and out of the building in all sorts of directions accompanied by hundreds of people weaving through and even more people at the entrance waiting to get in.  Wow.  I was definitely as excited, if not more excited, than my kids were!  I couldn’t believe the imagination and creativity that was used to build this place, especially re-purposing an old building and bringing it back to life!

Some (because there’s too many to write about) City Museum Attractions

Outdoor Attractions

  • MonstroCity is what you’ll see immediately arriving at City Museum because it’s entirely outside.  It is a 4-story outdoor playground made up of wrought iron slinkies (yes, I really mean slinkies), huge slides, and even planes!  MonstroCity is open weather permitting.
  • The Roof is seasonal and houses a 1940’s Ferris wheel and even more slides!

Indoor Attractions

  • The World’s Largest Jungle Gym – The entire City Museum is the largest indoor and outdoor jungle gym play area I’ve ever seen!  With giant wrought iron slinkies serving as tunnels looping through the entire 10-story building with multiple rooms and slides, this place is like the Disneyland of McDonald’s Indoor Play Places!

city museum review jungle gym

  • Enchanted Caves and Shoe Shafts Slides – Enjoy a 5-story and 10-story (accessed through the Enchanted Caves) spiral slide that’s located in the old shoe shafts of the building!  Having two toddlers means I spent a lot of time in this area!  These slides are so much fun! The Enchanted Caves were really cool because they’re built like an actual cave system:

Deep in the belly of the museum there exists a labyrinth of tunnels filled with creatures of the imagination. A City Museum favorite since 2003, but encompassing a sense of secrecy as old as time, the Enchanted Caves await you. Enter, and absorb the mysteries of your surroundings as you warily make your way toward the mystical glow of crystals located at the heart of the caves. Look up, and factory spiral conveyor belts (once part of the historic International Shoe Co) dare you to explore your way to the top, and then take a delightfully dizzying trip back down on the 10 story spiral slide! Along the way, you’ll find the faces of creatures both real and imagined peering back at you from every corner. – City Museum

shoe shaft city museum review

4th Floor Attractions

  • Toddler Town – Located on the 4th floor, Toddler Town is an enclosed area and is specifically designed for ages 6 and under!  You’ll find fairly quickly why everyone has a wristband and why it’s important to put your cell phone number on your child’s wristband because it’s highly likely that your child will enter one of those tunnels and you can’t fit to follow.  With Toddler Town, the enclosed area ensures that your child is at least on the same floor secluded in a particular section!

Kids can try out a smaller slide, ball pit, and crawl tunnel. Bright, colorful padded flooring provides extra cushion for visitors just starting to walk, and little builders can even make their own creations from giant foam blocks.Away from the noise and excitement of the main museum, there’s plenty of seating for parents to watch (or rest!) – City Museum

  • City Express – There’s a choo-choo train for visitors under 48″!  A quick miniature train ride but make sure to get in line quickly because it doesn’t hold many passengers!  The City Express is located on the 4th floor around the corner from the entrance of Toddler Town.
  • Skateless Park – Also located on the 4th floor, inside you’ll be surrounded by ramps and rope swings and no skateboards! My son loved sliding down these big ramps and trying his strength at running up the walls Ninja Warrior style!
  • Everyday Circus – They even have a circus that performs there!  You can see the performance times here.

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Visitor Information

Hours of Operations

  • Monday – Thursday: 9AM-5PM
  • Friday – Saturday: 9AM- Midnight
  • Sunday: 11AM-5PM


  • Children 2 and under are FREE
  • $14 (+taxes) ages 3+ ($12+taxes after 5PM on Fridays & Saturdays)
  • Roof admission is general admission + $5 (Closed from November – May)
  • Parking is $10 cash only.

First Time Visitor? Try these tips!

  • Think about coming after 5pm on Friday and Saturday to save on admission cost
  • A phone number on your child’s wrist band is helpful.
  • There are no maps, just kidding! Find maps here.
  • A flashlight may be helpful.
  • Wear closed toed shoes.
  • Ladies: Leave your purses at home
  • Knee pads are a must!

Have you ever been to the City Museum?  What was your favorite attraction?
I would love to hear from you! Please leave me a comment below!

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  • 56

31 Replies to “City Museum Review: St. Louis’ Ultimate Indoor Experience for All Ages”

  1. Crystal Carder says: Reply

    This place looks like an absolute blast, my kids and I would love it! This place sounds like it has something fun for the whole family, would love to check it out in the future.

    1. it’s definitely a favorite destination among our kids! <3

  2. Carina Chambers Swenson says: Reply

    I’ve never been to St. Louis before, but I’ve always wanted to! This place looks like FUN! My boys would absolutely love it!!

    1. My boys had a blast and i’m so glad this place accommodates for both kids and adult kids as well! <3

  3. Look at St. Louis! This indoor park looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll make a trip soon.

    1. I agree! I’d go back to visit the City Museum every time I go to St.Louis!

  4. Elaine Michaels says: Reply

    We just drove through St. Louis during Spring break and we did not goto City Museum! Looks like a perfect place for kids to explore and burn some extra energy that is indoors. We are headed back towards that area in a few months, and we’re definitely going to check this place out! Thanks for sharing!

    1. oh shoot! I’m sure this would’ve been a great stop for you in St. Louis! You’ll have to swing by when you drive through again and let me know!

  5. Ann F. Snook-Moreau says: Reply

    I don’t have kids but this sounds awesome! Seems like a place you could go back to again and again and never have the same experience twice.

    1. you are so right about that! With all the new things they’re always putting it, you’ll know you’ll be having a new adventure every time you go!

  6. I so need to go to this place looks fantastic and not just for the kids I would have fun too

    1. You would! I know I had a blast!

  7. What an awesome concept for a Museum. I can image that the children loves this place with all that’s going on to entertain and intrigue their imagination. Thanks for the introduction, I have to visit this place. 🙂

    1. Definitely! This was a huge win for everyone in the family!

  8. I love museums of all sorts and when I go I travel alone because I love to read and see everything, taking my time. I’m obsessed with history. I’ve never been to this one but I would love to one day. I think it would be worth the trip based on your review and photos.

  9. My family would adore the City Museum! We love play that allows for kids to be kids. Definitely hope to be there soon.

    1. Definitely a place for kids to be kids and adult kids to be kids lol

  10. Jocelyn Nielson says: Reply

    Oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun!! I absolutely adore musuems, so this looks like one I’ll have to visit, especially when I have kids of my own to bring with me.

    1. Even without the kids, it’s pretty amazing lol

  11. Berlin Domingo says: Reply

    oh, I love it there. As in totally amazed with what it can give to my boys – total fun and absolute enjoyment. I havent seen anything close to that here in our country or perhaps, i need do a little research. But should we chance upon that place, we will surely include dropping by there in our itinerary,

    1. This is definitely a must-see!

  12. It does look like such a fun museum for kids. I love all the hands on stuff they seem to have there. It’s always more fun when its interactive.

    1. I love that they’re always adding to it so you know you’ll always see something new every time you go 🙂

  13. Bye Felicia Hello Life says: Reply

    This looks like a lot of fun! I love museums. I can see enjoying this with kids.

    1. This is definitely a new style of interactive museums! Museum-goers would love this experience too!

  14. Suzanne Spiegoski-Decamps says: Reply

    A must-stop visit in St. Louis! I’ve heard so many great things about their city museum.

    1. I heard great things too and when I got there, what they say couldn’t tell you how amazing this place is. You definitely have to see it for the experience!

  15. kim@hungryhealthygirl says: Reply

    This museum looks awesome! My kids would love it!

    1. shoot, I LOVED IT! lol

  16. Mickey Aldridge says: Reply

    This looks like so much fun. There should be more of these around and not just for kids.

    1. I’m 30 and I had a blast! I could go back without my kids and still have tons of fun! haha

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