How to Determine Your Ovulation Period
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Track and Determine your Ovulation Period Easily with FREE Printable!

Are you trying to get pregnant by tracking your ovulation period? First you’ll need to determine ovulation period through this easy printable! The second installment of Mommy Engineering’s Pregnancy Series is learning how to determine your ovulation period. 

When I was trying to conceive (TTC) years ago, I was advised to start tracking my basal body temperature (BBT) and was told to have sex when my BBT raised half a degree.  This is a common belief, but it isn’t completely true.  Women are the most fertile during the two days PRIOR to ovulation.  Although it’s true that when a woman’s body releases an egg (the initiation of your ovulation period) your BBT does raise half a degree.  However, your BBT raises 24 hours AFTER you ovulate.  Therefore if you’re having sex when your BBT is raised, then it’s also likely that you may have missed your fertile period. 

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How to Determine Your Ovulation Period

How to Determine your Ovulation Period + Free Tracking Printable

The truth is that when it comes to tracking your BBT you should do it for a few months to determine your ovulation period.  You may be able to map your cycle and start having sex AT LEAST 2 days prior to when your BBT raises according to your chart.  Tracking your BBT is the most inexpensive way to determine your ovulation period but alone, it isn’t the most effective way.  Many women often will track their BBT and also buy an at-home ovulation predictor kit to most accurately determine their ovulation. 

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So how to you get started with tracking your BBT? 

You will need a specific thermometer to check your BBT because the increase in so slight, it won’t be recorded on a normal thermometer.  You can purchase a basal body thermometer at your local drug/pharmacy store like Walgreens or CVS.  They’re not very expensive, a few dollars more than a regular thermometer.

Then download my Ovulation Tracking Chart below and print it out:

Your BBT is your body’s temperature in the morning before you even get out of bed.  Most BBT thermometers allow you to take your temperature 3 different ways: orally, armpit, and vaginally.  Choose whichever you are comfortable with and stick to that one.  To get started, place your BBT thermometer and Ovulation Tracking Chart on your nightstand.  Every morning, instead of reaching for your phone to check the time, take your BBT and record it on the chart.  Do this every morning for AT LEAST 3 months.  

You can see my example below:

In my example I’ve highlighted when my BBT raised and when my predicted ovulation period was.  With this chart, I can also see my menstrual cycle as well and can predict my next ovulation period and fertility period.  You can also purchase an at-home ovulation kit and use it during your predicted ovulation period according to your chart.  

Just remember, you are most fertile the two days prior to ovulation and therefore you should be having sex at that time.  Experts recommend having sex every other day during your predicted time period so you will have a 50% of having sex on one of the two days you are most fertile.  In my example, I’ve outlined the entire week of my fertility/ovulation/BBT raised and that is the week I will have sex every other day to be certain.

Have you ever tried tracking your BBT to get Pregnant?  What tips do you have for someone looking to get pregnant?
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