DIY Upcycling Creative & Elegant Photo Tree Tutorial

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I’ve always wanted to use wall decals in my home because it looks so simple, instant wall decor! Unfortunately our walls in New Mexico are textured and it’s basically impossible to stick wall decals on them and have them stay in place.  Try my tutorial on how to make your own DIY wall photo tree!

DIY wall photo tree pin cover

By upcycling materials around my home from previous projects and some good dollar store finds, I was able to design my own elegant photo tree and I love how it turned out!

I don’t think of myself as very creative or particularly talented because my oldest brother is the true artist in the family.  I felt particularly ambitious one day and had seen a wall decal I thought would be perfect for the large empty wall in my living room.

 It was this wall decal that inspired me:DIY wall photo tree inspiration

DIY Wall Photo Tree Tutorial for a Creative and Elegant Feel!

What You’ll Need
  • Lead Pencil (I used a mechanical pencil, if you do this, you’ll need 0.7 or thicker lead and be prepared to go through a few sticks)
  • Pencil sharpener if not using a mechanical pencil
  • Eraser, preferably an artist’s brand
  • Small sponge paintbrush
  • Set of small paintbrushes for detailing
  • Sample of green and brown (choose your own shade and shine) paint

The fun part is being able to make it your own and tailor it to your needs.  I didn’t really have a plan on how many pictures I wanted to put up or what sizes until the end but you can always plan that out.

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  1. Search for inspiration if you don’t already have a specific idea in mind that you would like to draw.  I would check out Pinterest and wall decor ideas online and at your favorite stores to give some ideas.
  2. Using a pencil lightly draw a rough sketch of your idea on your desired wall.  Grid drawing is a simple way to achieve your design piece by piece.
  3. Using a clean, thin paintbrush, outline the entire design for smooth lines.  This is especially important for those who have textured walls.  Doing this gives you that crisp lines that really make your design look great on the wall!
  4. Allow to dry overnight and add a second coat of paint if needed.
  5. Determine where and what size photos you will need and make them using a pencil in the spaces where you would like them to go.  I suggest having the larger frames in the middle and branching out to smaller frames.
  6. I purchased matching single photo frames from the dollar store to save.  A collage photo frame could work too!

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Here is the final design! 

DIY wall photo tree final

My wall design was so large I couldn’t get it all in the shot!
I loved how it turned out! What do you think?

I enjoyed putting my own creative spin to this project!
Have you tried this DIY wall photo tree before? How did it turn out?

I’d love to connect with you!  Please leave me a comment!

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96 Replies to “DIY Upcycling Creative & Elegant Photo Tree Tutorial”

  1. robin masshole mommy says: Reply

    That is absolutely gorgeous! I would LOVE to make one of these on the wall in my living room.

    1. Definitely give it a try! I’ve seen some of your DIY on your blog and I would love to see you try this! It would look amazing! 🙂

  2. Ok – wait. You are SO super creative. Dont judge your creativity against your brother – this tree is amazing! And you make it so easy to do with your DIY instructions!

    1. Aww thank you! Yeah my brother is definitely the artist but I didn’t do too bad huh? haha! Thanks for visiting! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful wall design that include your family. It’s a great way to teach kids about their family history and see pictures of relatives that maybe they don’t see very often

    1. It is a great way to teach our kids family history! I just love when my kids look at it, I have a 4 and 2 year old and they are always asking me who’s in the pictures! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Oh, so cute and creative! I love this! I think my grandma, who has a scrapbooking store and is the most creative woman in the world, will just love this!

    1. That’s awesome! That’s really cool that your grandma owns a scrapbooking store! i love to scrapbook and I can seriously spend HOURS in those stores! Thanks for visiting!

  5. that came out awesome! We have been looking for something to do on our one large and bare wall, this would be perfect!

    1. That’s great! You definitely have to send me a picture when you get it done! I would love to see how it turned out! Thanks for visiting!

  6. The result is beautiful! I used to live in Santa Fe and known what you mean about the textured walls. Great idea!

    1. I love Santa Fe! We live in Rio Rancho so just in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque! I love the textured walls but for decals, it’s a nightmare! Thanks for visiting!

  7. This is such a cool idea! We used to have something similar on our wall, but it made a huge mess when we took it off.

    1. Yeah I didn’t want to deal with the decal gluish mess after. At least with this I can just paint over it 😛 haha

  8. You are so talented, have you ever thought about stenciling designs in other peoples homes? I think you would be very good at it x

    1. Wow, never really thought of that! I wish I used stencils with this project but I just kind of let it all flow and get some creativity in! 🙂

  9. This looks so lovely – absolutely adore how it’s turned out!! You’ve done such a great job! I’m currently working on my genealogy diploma and can’t figure out how to display my ancestors family tree properly, this might just be something I take inspiration from x

    1. That’s great! I’m so glad this was able to give you an idea for what you need in your home! That sounds very interesting! You definitely need to show me how it turns out! Thanks for visiting!

  10. Aw! I had a very similar decal at my old apartment. This brings back memories.

    1. Aww that’s great! Thanks for visiting!

  11. Journa Ramirez says: Reply

    Wow! Your photo tree is stunning! It would look great on our wall too! The curls from the branches look so elegant and playful at the same time! What a great DIY project! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I really had a great time doing this! Thanks for visiting!

  12. What a gorgeous idea, both the way it looks and what it represents! I think I might use this in my guest bedroom for my family when they come and visit!

    1. What a great idea to put this in a guest room! I never thought of that! I love it! <3 Thanks for visiting!

  13. Angela says: Reply

    This is such a great idea and you make it look easy 🙂 I am pinning this and may give it a whirl once I have my family photos organized!!

  14. This looks amazing. Definitely a great must for an entrance when coming into the home.

  15. I love this tutorial! But I was wondering if I can find a gigantic tree wall decal instead. I can draw, but I worry too much if I mess up! LOL!

  16. This is such a wonderful idea for a large wall in your house! I don’t really have a spot for this, but I may test something out like this eventually down one of my blank hallway walls.

  17. This is such a beautiful and creative idea that I would love to do when our house is finally renovated! What a cool idea

  18. These are absolutely very creative! It would look really lovely in the room. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.

  19. This looks wonderful! What a fun way to hang photos in your home!

  20. That is really cool! I have not thought of something like this to hang my family pictures on. I really like the idea.

  21. This is beautiful! I painted a tree on my daughter’s wall and I wish I would have free-handed it to start. It turned out so much better when I just let go.

  22. Omg how epic is this?!?! I would love to have a photo tree in my house!!! Looks amazing

  23. Wow his is so cute! I’ve been looking for a fun idea to do in our front living room!

    1. It’s a fun project to do! So much fun to get creative! Thanks for visiting! <3

  24. Taislany Gomes says: Reply

    wow, that’s such an amazing idea.

    Looks super cool!

    Happy Thursday! Kisses,

  25. This is gorgeous!!!!!!!!! In spite of your comments about not being the artsy one, you’re totally creative and quite the artist based on this and you have a one-of-a-kind mural now! It’s beautiful!

    1. Aww thank you so much! And I do love the fact that it is unique! Thanks so much for visiting! <3

  26. Karina Pacheco says: Reply

    This is so pretty and such a beautiful family art. I’d love to try and make this with my husband for our living room wall. Such a great way to talk about family with my kids 🙂

    1. I totally agree! I hope your hubby is great with paint! My husband isn’t haha but it would’ve been even better to do this with him! Thanks for stopping by!

  27. Wow, such a lovely work of art. Love this. My little girl will love this in her room. Absolutely stunning. What an awesome activity for us for her holiday time!

    1. Exactly! Like someone suggested, this would also be great in a guest room! Thanks for your thoughts!

  28. Such a cute idea! I would love to try this. It would be a great way to brighten up my living room 🙂
    xx Carly |

    1. I totally agree! its definitely the center of our living room area and everyone loves it! People can’t believe I free handed it haha! Thanks for stopping by!

  29. That is such a fun idea! I don’t have any wall decals but I have considered getting them. I’m thinking about putting one on my door.

    1. A door would be SO cute! Never thought of that! i would like to try something on my kids doors! thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  30. Very pretty wall art. It looks simple enough that even some one without artistic talent could accomplish.

    1. That was key for me haha! thanks for visiting!

  31. Erin Rose Maycroft says: Reply

    THat looks great! Fantastic job. I love the whole wall decal thing abdvthis is a great alternative.

    1. Yes our walls are textured so decals are pretty hard to stick! thanks for visiting!

  32. This is awesome family home decor! Love it so much!


  33. Sondra Barker says: Reply

    This is so cute. I love how it takes your photos and makes them much more intimate for your family.

    1. absolutely! it’s exactly why this would be perfect for the living room or guest room! thanks, so glad you like it!

  34. This is such a clever idea! I take so many pictures and this would be a great way to use them.

    1. so true! thanks for visiting !

  35. Chiara Lisbeth de Lisi says: Reply

    How beautiful! I love the idea, so creative and cute to see!

    1. thanks! it was definitely a fun project!

  36. Wow, I absolutely love this, what a brilliant idea. I am saving this for future reference!

    1. awesome! thank you for saving it! thanks for visiting!

  37. This is so beautiful! I have a frame with a tree design in my room, but it’s pretty neat to see one blown up on a wall like that.

    1. Yeah, I wish I could’ve used decals but it’s basically impossible on textured walls! Thanks so much for visiting!

  38. Amanda Hartman says: Reply

    I love how you did this! What a great idea! Thank you. I may now decorate my kids room using this idea.

    1. Thanks! Im so glad you liked this! I hope your kids rooms’ turn out great! Good luck and thanks for visiting!

  39. I so love this idea. It is so beautiful. If I didn’t rent I would do this.

    1. haha, even if I rented I would do this 🙂 I use to manage apartment properties and as long you as change it back, they usually don’t care 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting!

  40. Sandra Crespo says: Reply

    Oh my goodness I love this idea! It looks so beautiful and perfect for home !

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you love it! Thanks for visiting!

  41. Wildish Jess says: Reply

    You did an awesome job! I’ll have to try this in our new house.

  42. Prairie Gal Cookin' says: Reply

    Ekkkk!!! I love this!! So creative and fun. Thanks for sharing!

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  45. Anne Flickinger says: Reply

    I love this idea, what a great gift idea.

  46. This looks awesome! And very elegant! Sometimes these things can be less than but this looks great!

  47. Mindful Munching says: Reply

    What a great idea. I’d love to try this, but my artistic skills are quite limited 😉

  48. Susan Minich says: Reply

    I love this! Do all your frames match? Where did you get them?

    1. Some are black and some are brown. Dollar store finds 🙂

  49. Susanne Leggett Stewart says: Reply

    That is wonderful!! You did a great job with that tree, what a great focal point for your room! So artistic, it would never look that good if I tried to that, lol! I would definitely have to use a decal 😉

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I wish we could use decal but the texture on my walls prevent it!

  50. Lady Anne Bitamor Abit says: Reply

    Love this so much! How I wish I can deck my wall with creativity as well.

    1. It’s fun to try! 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  51. That’s a beautiful design! You did such a good job, it’s a lovely way to create a beautiful feature wall with all of your adorable photos 🙂

  52. Love this idea! Our family is big so I will need a huge tree! 🙂

    1. Thats the beauty of it! It’s up to you to decide and you can make it however big or small you’d like! 🙂 Good luck!

  53. This is a cool idea! It would look great in my family room!

  54. This is beautiful! Love it so much!

  55. What a beautiful photo tree, thanks for sharing! I have always wanted to do something like this, it would make such a great accent wall. 🙂

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