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Make Your Own Jungle Theme Diaper Cake Tutorial

DIY Jungle Theme Diaper Cake Tutorial

If you’re planning a baby shower, save money and make your own diaper cake!  Don’t know how? It’s super easy, cost effective, and fun!  Read on for my tutorial on how to make your own adorable diaper cake! 

DIY Jungle Theme Diaper Cake Tutorial
During my last pregnancy, I helped plan my own baby shower with my mom.  When she asked me to look into diaper cakes, I was shocked with how expensive they were.  All I needed to do was look at a few examples of diaper cakes and was completely convinced I could save myself some money by making my own and you can too!

Below is what I used to make my jungle theme diaper cake:
  • 1 paper towel roll
  • 120 size 4 diapers
  • 120 rubber bands
  • 12 burp cloths
  • 1 roll of string
  • 3 different rolls of decorative ribbon
  • 1 roll of 6 inch tulle
  • Decorative items – Musical Lion Toy for topper, bag of Easter grass, 2 festive table top items, and 3 wooden bear and tree pieces

Make Your Own Jungle Theme Diaper Cake TutorialStep 1 – Roll each diaper and secure with a rubber band.

* I used size 4 diaper because I have a toddler in them.  Your best bet is to use size 1 diapers for smaller diaper cakes (60-80 diapers) and size 2 diapers for larger cakes (80+ diapers).  Avoid using newborn size as you truly don’t need many and making a whole diaper cake out of newborn size just isn’t effective.

Step 2 – start with a paper towel roll and start placing a circular row of rolled diapers around the paper towel roll.  Tighten and secure each circular row with string.

Repeat this step for the second level.   For this diaper cake, I made 4 circular rings on the first level and 2 circular rings on the second level.  For best results, place each diaper roll’s end on the inside and in which all are rolled in the same direction.

Step 3 – Further secure each layer with decorative ribbon and tie into a bow.  Place wooden bear or tree pieces securely behind each bow.
* Use at least 2 inch decorative ribbon for a bold look.  I used 3 different ribbons because I wasn’t happy with the selection I had at my local craft store so I combined two of the ribbons to make the first and third level ribbons. 

Step 4 – Place 6 inch tulle around the first and second level by stuffing tulle every 4 or 5 diapers.  Wrap tulle around each level at least twice.

Step 5 – Repeat Step 2 for the third level but using rolled burp cloths.
* I used burp clothes whose patterns and colors associated with my jungle theme.

Step 6 – Place Easter grass on top of the exposed paper towel roll on the third level and place lion musical toy on top.  Add the festive table topper between the burp cloths.

DIY Jungle Theme Diaper Cake Tutorial

And there you have it!  Six steps to saving money, getting creative, and making an adorable DIY diaper cake!
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Have you ever made your own diaper cake? 

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