DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board
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Easy! DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board

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I knew I had tons of left-over material from previous home improvement projects that needed to be repurposed. This year I needed to stay on a budget and what better way to do that than by recycling as much stuff around my house to make something really great!  After carefully spending four hours at Hobby Lobby, I finally decided on what I was going to make!  I knew I had all the right material to make my very own, DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board!+ Here’s what I had to work with.

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DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board PinableEasy! DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board  

A wood pallet, tons of unused wood, and Sample size can of cherry wood stain from our patio project
Sample cans of indoor decor paint and cork boards from our kids room projects
Empty glass jars around the kitchen
Roll of twine and decorative clothespins from birthday party decorations 


+ What you’ll need:
1 Sheet of Magnetic Chalkboard
Cork Board(s)
Glue Gun
1 Sheet Medium Grade Sand Paper
Paintbrushes (optional)
Drop Cloth (optional)


Step 1
Determine the size you want your memo board to be and using a hot glue gun, staple gun, or nails: Anchor 4 or 5 wood pallet boards onto two wood pieces.
+ Achieve the look! Leave spaces in between each wood plank ranging between 1cm to 3cm and stagger wood pallet planks slightly from each other

Step 2
Using medium grain sand paper, smooth out the wood planks as much as possible.
+ You can also follow using fine grain sand paper for an extra smooth surface!

Optional:  Stain your wood pellet by painting the front side of the memo board with your chosen wood stain. Allow to dry completely before turning over and painting the backside and edges.  Drying Time: 1-2 hours

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Step 3

Using a hot glue gun, glue magnetic chalkboard sheet, cork board, and mason jar onto board in desired locations 

Step 4

Customize by adding embellishments to match your occasion! 

I made two examples below. My anniversary gift to my husband and a graduation gift for family. 

+ Anniversary Memo Board:
Metal “J&K” Letters
Dried twigs and small rocks to place in glass jar
Painted wooden spools to hang necklaces
Decorative clothespins for pictures, notes, etc.
small rocks

+ Graduation Memo Board:
Stencils to make letters
Small Rocks
decorative clothespins 
Set of paper flowers embellishments 
Metal Words “Dream” and “Believe”

Step 5
Using twine or frame hanging wire, tie or attach to back of memo board to hang on a wall

DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board Step 1-2DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board Step 3-4DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board Anniversary Graduation

I had so much fun with this project and I was able to get rid of some material from older projects around the house!
What occasion did you make the DIY Wood Pallet Memo Board for?  I would love to hear from you!

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