Creating a Family Budget

Getting on track to financial freedom is hard for everyone if you don’t have a financial plan.  Mommy Engineering’s Financial & Debt Management is all about taking control of your finances.  Creating a Family Budget is one of the first steps you must take to reach your financial freedom goals.  

How to Create A Family Budget

It’s important to construct a family budget so that you can begin to:

  • Pay off your current debt
  • Minimize future debt
  • Being saving for the future

With this worksheet, Creating a Family Budget, you will be able to work through a family budget no matter how difficult it may seem.  This 3 page worksheet is set up to easily work through each category of your finances like:  Housing costs, Entertainment allowances, and Credit Cards.

Each category is clearly defined with suggestions that will help you recall all category items.  Each category can be personalized to your financial needs with extra space to add-in additional items in case you need it.

Creating a Family Budget is available on PDF, easy-to-print for $1.99.  A supplemental Microsoft Excel document will be available in the future that will allow you to add-up all your expenses on your family budget and transfer them to the PDF to print for a hard copy.  This version will allow you to easily change your family budget as you see fit.  This version will be available in the future.