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Family Game Night has never been better with RoosterFin’s Rabbit Pirates!

Once a week my family has Friday Family Night. It’s a great way to de-stress from the work week for my husband while also getting some quality bonding time with our young kids. This week we partnered with RoosterFin Inc., to bring you a simple, yet fun, board game to help you get started on your family game night!

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Family Game Night Rabbit Pirates

Family Game Night has never been better with RoosterFin’s Rabbit Pirates!

During Family Night, we unplug from our phones, the television, or any other electronic devices because we believe it’s so important to have that interaction with our kids without the disruption. In a world full of technology, it’s becoming harder and harder to raise our kids with mindfulness when there’s YouTube at the palm of their hands. Each Friday we spend time away from technology and into our own family’s bubble.

Last week was Family Game Night and we had such a great time! RoosterFin’s Rabbit Pirates Shoot for the Loot was perfect for game night. I loved that both my kids had fun because it was easy for them to play and understand.  They both loved the idea of cannons, pirates, and of course, treasure!

About Rabbit Pirates Shoot for the Loot

  • For ages 7+
  • 2-4 Players
  • Skill: Logic and Sequential Reasoning
  • Contents Include:
    • 60 Playing Cards
    • 30 Treasure Tokens
    • 4 Character Cards
    • 3 Treasure Islands
    • Simple Instructions
Rabbit Pirate is a simple logic and numbers game where players battle each other to win the most treasure!
How to Set Up

Place the 3 treasure island boards in a row and place 10 treasure chest tokens (there are 30 tokens total; 10 bronze, 10 silver, and 10 gold) where “X” marks the spot. Then place the deck of 60 playing cards next to the treasure island boards.

Family Game Night Treasure Tokens Rabbit Dollars
How to Play 
  1. Each player chooses a character card to be. Each character has their own special “Best Shot” in for Final Blast tie breaker purposes.
  2. Each player takes 3 cards from the deck and chooses which card they want load their cannon to play at each treasure island board.  Players load each card face down under each treasure island board.
  3. Once each player loads their cannon, flip the cards over to reveal. Winner of the treasure goes to the player whose card’s shot range is the highest. The winner of each island then gets one treasure chest token.
  4. After all the treasure chest tokens are gone from the treasure island boards, winners total up their treasure chests’ Rabbit Dollars value and the winner of the game has the most Rabbit Dollars (R$)!
  • Tie Breaker*: If there is a tie at an treasure island battle, tied players will add up the total of all 3 of their playing cards and the highest total will win that treasure island board. 
  • Special Wild Cards:  When a special wild card is played, the player will automatically win all 3 island treasure tokens!  
  • If two players has a special wild card, players will use the tie breaker* to determine winner.
  • Final Blast Tie Breaker:  If at the end of the game, two players have the same amount of Rabbit Dollars, the tied players will refer to their character card for the “Best Shot.”  Shuttle all the playing cards and flip one at a time until a player’s “Best Shot” is revealed and that Rabbit Pirate is the winner!

One of the things I really love about this game is how simple it is!  It takes less than a minute to set up the playing area and there’s no need for long and complicated instructions.  My husband and I look for games without a lot of game rules that can easily be confusing for my young kids.  Rabbit Pirates is also perfect for the fact that it’s a fast paced game that we can play within 30 minutes because our kids’ attention span isn’t the greatest!  However, my husband and I were pleasantly surprised that our kids opted to play Rabbit Pirates over and over again all night long!  Now that is something that I love about this game!  If you’re looking for a fun family board game to try for your next Family Game Night, RoosterFin’s Rabbit Pirates is definitely something to look for!

Check out RoosterFin Inc. on Facebook and purchase the Rabbit Pirates: Shoot for the Loot at RoosterFin’s Website!

About the Brand: RoosterFin Inc.

“RoosterFin is a family company.  We are on a mission to create awesome games so you can unplug and create great memories with your kids! […] Our fast, simple, easy to play games are great for a variety of scenarios and are fun to parents and kids alike.”  – RoosterFin

Family Game Night RoosterFin Message

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