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Creative Exploration for Young Kids with GET QURIOUS Explorer Box!

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With my son going to preschool this year, I’m on the lookout for educational toys and products to help my son learn.  I love that my boys can use ever-growing technology to make learning fun using innovative and engaging games.  On the flip side, I’m also weary about the type of apps and games my son finds on the phone that are not exactly progressing his development.

As a busy mom feeling like I’m always on-the-go, it is very tempting to just hand my son the phone when I need to get something done.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times when youtube has saved the day but I have to be careful about leaving my son unattended with youtube and even youtube kids.  He loves to scroll and switch shows constantly and sometimes he can find shows that are not appropriate for him at all.  I do allow my son to view a few youtube shows at a time but my son’s expressionless face while blank staring at the phone screen is definitely alarming.

*Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.  This is a sponsored post collaboration between Get Qurious and Mommy Engineering.  I received the Get Qurious Explorer Box for free in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Please see our disclosure page for more information about this disclaimer. 

I don’t mind my son on my phone as long as he’s playing interactive educational games that help my son learn and grow.  Therefore when I look for an game or app on my phone for my son, I’m very particular about what I purchase.  A few months ago, I was able to review the GET QURIOUS Maker Box that my boys loved!  You can see that review here.  In fact, they still play it and so when I had to opportunity to review the new GET QURIOUS Explorer Box, I knew my boys would love it!  

GET QURIOUS is exactly the kind of game I want my boys to play with.  With GET QURIOUS, I know my kids will have fun while learning new things and also using technology in a safe environment.  It’s a bit of peace of mind that I need as a busy mom!  

Creative Exploration for Young Kids with GET QURIOUS Explorer Box

The GET QURIOUS Explorer Box has an awesome interactive app that brings the contents of this box to life for ages 4-8.  The Augmented Reality App is an innovative way to engage young kids into the story!  With the app, kids can scan cards and watch at the Augmented Reality App turns them into animated characters, 3D worlds, and brings story book time to life!  

Similar to the GET QURIOUS Maker Box, the Explorer Box also has 4 Interactive games inside.  However, the Explorer Box uses a different Augmented Reality App then the original GET QURIOUS Maker Box but you can easily find it in the app store or go here and download it for FREE!

Games Included in the GET QURIOUS Explorer Box

Build A Story – Inside the box will be 16 square playing cards: 4 characters, 4 scenarios, 4 planets, and 4 ships.  Similar to playing Mad Libs, you can fill in the blanks of the story line by mixing and matching different combinations of the 16 cards simply by scanning them into each line.  Then read/listen along to the story as it comes to life.  Try a new combination for a new story each time! 

Mask Play – Similar to the Mask Play in the GET QURIOUS Maker Box, you’ll be able to choose from 4 different mask characters to make role-playing come to life!  You’ll be able to record your voice and view how your mask and your voice come to life with the corresponding animated character on the screen!  There’s even an audio mixer for some added fun and giggles!

Build A Spaceship – On the flip side of the 16 playing cards used in the Build A Story game, there will be parts of a 4-piece spaceship.  Customize your very own spaceship, put it together by scanning each piece into the GET QURIOUS Explorer Box App and blast off!  You’ll have 60 seconds to navigate 3D space and avoid the asteroids by maneuvering your phone around to avoid them! 

Treasure Hunt 3D Game  Each Explorer Box comes with 2 two-sided treasure hunt cards for a total of four 3D worlds to explore!  Color them or not, then scan them using the app and watch as the world transforms from page to 3D!  Maneuver your phone around and zoom in and out to find all 10 treasures on each map! 

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As a parent, what I really love about GET QURIOUS is that it encourages STREAM learning.  STREAM stands for:


GET QURIOUS sparks children’s curiosity, imagination, and discovery as they create stories, assemble puzzles, role-play, or engage in other age-appropriate games and activities that encourage STREAM learning.

Products that have this basis that teaches creatively with the use of innovative technology to learn skills in technical career fields in science, technology, engineering and math is definitely a top reason for parents to love this product!  It is not hard to guess why interactive games like GET QURIOUS are so popular.  These engaging games captures the attention of children and allows them to learn at their level in a fun and memorable way.

Even though my boys are 4 years old and 2 years old, I know that GET QURIOUS is a product that will last them a few years as it does grow with them.  My son plays the Treasure Hunt and Build A Spaceship a lot more than Build A Story or Mask Play as he is familiar with these because of the Maker Box that has similar games.  It was fun to watch my son spin around in circles trying to find all the treasure or maneuver around his spaceship.  He would run around the house pretending to “zoom” through 3D space to avoid asteroids.

What I did notice is the scanning ability of the Augmented Reality App was a lot better than when I first reviewed the Maker Box.  What I really loved about GET QURIOUS Explorer Box was the fact that I could leave my son unattended knowing that he’s playing with technology in a safe environment while I get something done.

GET QURIOUS Explorer Box & GET QURIOUS Maker Box is available online at or Amazon (Coming soon to Toys R’ Us and Best Buy!) for $19.99! Augmented Reality App FREE!

Coupon ALERT! August 2017 ONLY! Use Coupon Code: EXP50 and get the GET QURIOUS Explorer Box for 50% OFF!

Coming Soon! Nature Box and Adventure Box! PreOrder: $24.99 at!

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What is your favorite feature about GET QURIOUS?

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