How to Improve Air Quality In Your Home
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How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home


How To Improve Air Quality In Your Home

Air Quality Facts – Did you know?
The air inside of your home is 2 to 5 times more contaminated than outdoor air?  About 80% of cancers are actually caused by our environment and not just genetic factors. The most common carcinogens are found in household cleaning products that we expose to our families on a daily basis.  Among these toxins, household dust, pet dander, and mold also contribute to contaminants found in our homes.

So how do you help prevent the accumulation of toxins in your own home?
Below are 10 Tips on How Improve Air Quality in Your Home

1. Buy house plants – Large-leaf plants are not just for decorations but they also are particularly good at improving your air quality in  your home.  You can purchase certain breeds of plants that are known for cleaning the air in your home as they take in the contaminants and releases fresh particulates into the air.

2. Ventilation and Air exchange – One of the easiest ways to remove toxins and improve air quality from your home is by opening your windows. Replace the air in your home by letting fresh air in, even in the winter time. It’s still a great idea to properly seal drafts coming from windows and doors to conserve energy and help control outdoor air pollutants from entering your home.

3. Treat the source – Find the source of the smell, whether it be pet odors, mold, etc and properly treat each problem. Replace candles with an oil diffusers or if you must have candles; purchase ones made out of soy or beeswax.  Use candle warmers as any form of burning results in production of by-products that are released into the air, decreasing your air quality.

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4. Invest in a heavy-duty air purifier – When purchasing an air purifier, check HEPA filtration ratings and then match your desired square footage with the square footage capacity of the air purifier you wish to buy. Be aware that air purifiers need to be on pretty much all the time so you may also want a unit that isn’t too loud and doesn’t take a large amount of electricity to run. Read the unit’s instructions and replace filters as directed. It’s always a good idea to clean these out daily, replace filters as needed, and use only purified water as this will reduce the amount of particulates released in the air.

5. Reduce and prevent household dust and pet dander – Grooming your pets daily, dusting and vacuuming weekly, and cleaning air conditioners, furnaces, air vents, ducts and/or changing these filters seasonally.

6. Switch to greener cleaning products – Lower your family’s exposure to hazardous carcinogens by making the switch to greener cleaning products. You can save a large amount of money by making your own cleaning products that are safer and just as effective.

Tuft & Needle Mattress7. Invest in organic cotton products – Conventional cotton is derived from cotton farms in which insecticides and pesticides are used.  These are also hazardous carcinogens that further contaminate our homes.  Also invest in mattress and pillow protectors and wash bedding in hot water weekly.  Hot water will help eliminate any toxins harboring in your linens which you could be absorbing into your skin. It’s also good to be aware of how old your mattresses are and replace according to standard regulations of usually 10 years.

8. Check for water leaks to prevent mold – Wet areas like laundry rooms and bathroom/shower rooms are prone to mold.  Use the exhaust fans (if applicable) and opening windows and doors to allow steam to ventilate out.

9. Use stove kitchen exhaust fans while cooking – This will help filter contaminate by-products resulting from cooking.  Replace exhaust filters at least twice a year.

10. Replace your carpets – Replace your carpets with hardwood flooring and washable rugs. You should also replace curtains with wood blinds. Carpets and curtains are notorious for harboring dust.  (How often do you really take down your curtains and wash them?) Invest in a floor steam cleaner as this is an effective and environment-friendly way to clean your floors.

Like most families, our homes are our sanctuaries.  There’s something relaxing about having a clean, fresh home.
What tips do you have for keeping the air in your home cleaner and fresher?

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