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Kids Explore Classic 3 Little Pigs with Get Qurious Maker Box Interactive Game

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As a mom with two toddlers, I’ve needed something to distract them for a few minutes as I desperately recover from tantrums, sibling rivalry, juice spills on my freshly cleaned carpet, and stubbing my toe on some toy left in the middle of the walkway.  Breathe Mama.  I think if I left my phone with my kids, they could be on Youtube for HOURS and I could take a real nap.  Although Youtube for kids is basically the equivalent to adults playing Candy Crush Saga on their free time… it’s just mind-numbing.

Get Curious Maker Box

Enter Get Qurious Maker Box…

It’s been featured on Huffington Post and I’m so excited to have the opportunity to review it with my kids!  This is a win-win situation for moms and kids alike.  Now your kids can learn through fun, creative activities that your phone brings to life for an interactive learning experience curated just for kids!

Kids Explore Classic 3 Little Pigs with Get Qurious Maker Box Interactive Game

Get Qurious Maker Box is designed for kids ages 4-9.  It takes the classic 3 Little Pigs story we all know and love and allows kids to explore the story through several activities with an app on your smartphone. Each activity is designed to allow creative play to excite your kids about learning while giving parents an appropriate way to introduce technology to their kids.

Getting started…

The Get Qurious Maker Box is available online for $19.99.  You will also need to download the app and the Get Qurious Maker Box App is available on Apple Store free. Simply search “get qurious” in your app store and download!

What’s in the box? 

Each Get Qurious box contains interactive activities:

  1. Story Cards – Set of 12 scannable cards that bring the story to life as an animated story on your phone!
  2. Mask Play – Be part of the fun and put on a mask!  You can use the camera through the app and use the microphone button to record!
  3. Puzzle Play – Build your own puzzle house and scan each piece to see the house in 3D on your phone!
  4. Sticker Book – A new story as told by the Big Bad Wolf!  Use the reusable stickers and scan each page to create your own version!

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Interactive Fun for the Entire Family!

My kids are 2 and 4 years old and both kids enjoyed this so much!  My 2 year old found the mask play his favorite!  He was excited to see himself in the camera and was even more excited to playback the recording!  My 4 year old’s favorite was the sticker book.  He loved the reusable stickers so he could change the story up each time we did it!  My favorite was definitely the puzzle because I thought it was so neat how you can scan each puzzle piece and see the 3D version of your 2D puzzle!  You can flip each puzzle piece over for a different design and see the house come to life!

During our quiet time, we did the story cards and the kids loved the fact that they could easily scan each story card and watch and listen to it come to life!  They love being read stories to and this was no different!  Even my husband was amazed at how easy it was for my kids to scan the cards with very little difficulty!  Definitely a winner in our home!  I thought this would make such a great gift for toddlers and it’s affordable!  

About The Company

Our Vision is to create products that invoke curiosity, spark imagination and let children dream to reach for the real things they want. Our products are simple, reusable, replayable and do what apps or real life things by themselves cannot do. They are new ways to play, learn and explore. In short they are full of surprises and magical just from their own table top.

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