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Learn & Earn with UnitedHealthcare’s Interactive Games & Giveaway

Being prepared for when your family is sick is important but navigating through your healthcare plan can be intimidating and confusing!  #UnitedHealthcare understands.  

When I was looking for a family doctor, I had no idea how to find one, let alone find one covered under our healthcare plan.  These are some of the questions I asked myself:

  • What the heck does in-network provider, PCP, and premiums mean?
  • Who and what is covered under my healthcare plan?
  • I’m enrolled, now what do I do?

Hang in there, you and I are not alone.  Introducing UnitedHealthcare’s website that helps you understand healthcare jargon and more!

Healthcare Plan
Learn & Earn with UnitedHealthcare’s Interactive Games

UnitedHealthcare makes it easy to learn how to get the most out of your healthcare plan.  They have developed 3 free interactive and educational games that can answer some of the most commonly asked questions about healthcare.  It’s simple, fun and anyone can play them!

Look & Learn 

So you’ve enrolled, now what do you do?  This is a short 3 minute video to help you answer these 4 questions:

  1. When does my healthcare plan start?
  2. How do I choose a doctor?
  3. When do I get my ID card?
  4. What if I have questions?

Test your knowledge at the end of the video an answer a 1-question quiz!

Test Your Knowledge

Learn more about your healthcare plan by answering 3 questions.  You may refresh the page to reset the game for a new set of questions!

Perfect Match

Match the healthcare terms with their definitions!  The fun and simple way to learn healthcare plan jargon!

After each game, you are entered to win a $500 monthly prize and a $100 weekly prize!

* Participants can enter daily for each of the 3 games and can also earn bonus entries! 

Don’t have a healthcare plan yet?

No problem!  Along with learning the basics of healthcare plans you can also sign up for your own through #UnitedHealthcare!  

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What questions did you have about healthcare plans? 

I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment!

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