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Preparing for the First Month with a New Baby

Katriza : June 10, 2019 8:00 AM : Family, Mommy, Newborn Series, Pregnancy Series

The first month with a new baby, especially if you’re a new mom, can be tough.  Your emotions are still going crazy, your body may ache, and normal duties take the back burner.  Giving yourself a break during the first month by preparing for it ahead of time can help. 

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With a new baby, dynamics change.  You may not be able to prepare for everything that could happen, but there are definitely things you can prepare for to help smooth the transition.

Preparing for the first month with a new baby

Preparing for the First Month with a New Baby

Entering your third trimester, you may start feeling the urge to tidy up.  This is called the Nesting Phase.  This is when your whole self really begins to realize, “this baby is coming!” and you have this urge to clean and prepare for your baby to come.  Below are 10 ways to help you prepare for your first month home with your baby.  

Family Meal Preparations

Taking care of your newborn and having that transition with a new baby at home can be hard enough but you also still have to feed yourself and your family!  You may not have the energy or the time to prepare meals for your family.  There are several options that you can choose from to help you with meal preparations during the first few weeks.

  • Freezer Meals – This is by far the easiest to do.  Make your first month’s meals and freeze them.  You’ll be so happy that you did when you’re exhausted and can just open up the freezer and grab anything for an instant meal.
  • Meal Delivery ServicesHelloFresh and Home Chef have been really popular and might be a great option for your first month home.
  • Help from Friends & Family – During our first month home with our newborn, we had family coming over almost everyday bringing us food.  This was a huge help!

Maid Service

One of my favorite baby shower gifts was maid service for before the baby comes and after the baby comes!  During my third trimester, it was really hard to move around and it helped tremendously to have someone helping me keep the house clean until the baby comes!  Once our baby arrived, it helped me relax knowing my house was clean and I can rest whenever I can.

Automatic Bill Pay 

I actually had to set up automatic bill pay when I was still pregnant because of pregnancy brain!  I would completely forget to pay my bills!  This was a blessing during the first few months of our new baby because with the little sleep I was getting, all the days were blending together and I had some peace of mind that I wasn’t going to check my mail one day with disconnect notices!

Child Care

If you have other children in your home, you might want to set up some kind of child care or help from family while everyone adjusts to the new baby.  My toddler definitely felt the difference once his new baby brother came into the world and that transition can be hard.  If your kids are school-aged, making sure travel arrangements to and from their school is in place.

Plan for Transportation

You won’t be able to drive right after you give birth and depending on your body, you may not be able to drive for a few days or up to a few weeks.  Plan on getting rides from friends or family if your husband isn’t available for doctor visits.

Stock Up on Necessities

Since you may not be able to drive for a few weeks, it’s best to check your inventory on basic household necessities that you may run out of and not know it:

  • Toiletries for the Family
  • Baby Needs (diapers, diaper rash cream, etc)
  • Pet Needs (dog food, cat litter)

Set Reminders

The easiest way is to use your phone and set reminders for yourself on important dates or easily forgettable tasks like doctor visits and trash day (because having a pile of stinky diapers for an extra week is not fun).

Talking With Your Husband of Your Needs

Sit down with your husband and talk about:

  • How much time off he can have from work
    • Labor and delivery changes from person to person and you might need a C-section or have other complications that causes longer recovery for you.  You might have postpartum depression and need some extra help and support from your husband.  You can read my story about postpartum depression here. 
  • Handling relatives
    • My mother-in-law stayed with us when our first son was born and although it was to help me it was more of a burden on me instead.  I was adjusting to being a new mom and having postpartum depression and having relatives around when I’m trying to learn how to breastfeed wasn’t fun.  Consider where relatives would be staying and how often they will be visiting you during this time.
  • Taking care of household chores
    • Laundry and more laundry!

Preparing your Car for a New Baby

The hospital we delivered at with our first son made us bring the car seat inside to inspect it because it is that important!  You can check out my article on 10 Car Seat Safety Quick Tips for make sure you have your car seat properly set up in your car.  You can also join our mailing list and get the infographic for FREE! 

You can also check out my article on The Ultimate Guide to Child Proofing Your Car that will help for newborns and older children as well (husbands included)!

Packing your Hospital Bag & Diaper Bag

One of my favorite thing to do before having my baby was actually packing my hospital bag.  With my first son, I pretty much packed my whole house in a duffel bag.  My second “hospital bag” could’ve fit in my over-sized purse!  You can see my article on Hospital Bag Essentials Guide to help you pack yours!

I also packed my diaper bag to put in my car just in case but a small diaper bag only needs a few diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes.  For newborns, you’re going to need to pack a Mommy’s Car survival Kit… trust me, you will thank me later!

What other ways did you prepare for your new baby?
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