15 Mommy Time Ideas while Parenting

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15 Mommy Time Ideas While ParentingToys scattered on the floor, the cat licking spilled milk on the coffee table, my toddler’s screaming but won’t take a nap, and my baby is pulling out the dog’s tail hair.  I let in a deep breath and I can feel my brain wanting to shut down.  I definitely need some “mommy time.”  Can you relate?

This scene at my house happens all too often, a lot more than I’d like to admit.  Parenting is a full-time job that doesn’t pay you for overtime.  As a parent, you never stop parenting.  You parent for 12 hours and work a double back-to-back and sometimes you don’t get a lunch break and maybe you’ll get two 15-minute breaks for dinner and a shower.  Once the kids are asleep, your head hits that pillow at 7:00pm and you are out and nothing but a crying baby at 2:00am will wake you.

I feel your exhaustion!  WE NEED MOMMY TIME!  It’s time for some self-care mommies but how do we get it while you are with your kids?  It’s not always possible for us to step away from our kids when we need mommy time.  For some of us, it’s actually impossible.  However we need to take care of ourselves so we can take care of our kids.  There’s nothing more damaging to a child when cranky mom can’t get any mommy time to unwind and she becomes momzilla.  (Don’t look at me like that, I know you’ve been there!) Below are 15 things you can do with your kids while also getting some much needed mommy time!

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15 Ways to Get “Mommy Time” while Parenting

1.  Take a power nap when your kids take a nap – I have one kid that is still taking a nap
and blessed with the toddler that lets me fall asleep on the couch while he watches his
shows.  It’s win-win for everyone!

2.  Take a bubbly bath with your kids – My kids love taking a bath and so this is a fun,
short activity we both really enjoy.

3.  Read a story with your kids – I’m so glad my kids took after me when it comes down
to books.  They don’t just want to read one book, they want to read 10.   I also read the
bible with them and sometimes even a journal entry from a year ago which is always
interesting for both my kids and I.

This is my son’s favorite! The Little Blue Truck Series by Jill McElmurry is a beautiful, well-written
children’s books that I highly recommend! 

4.  Color and Draw with your kids – Ever heard of adult coloring books? Try it, they are
pretty amazing.  Feeling extra lazy?  Sidewalk chalk on a nice summer day and you don’t
even need to clean up!

5.  Take your kids on a walk – Even if it’s the check the mail, my kids love their stroller and
instantly quiet down as soon as they’re in it.  A quick stroll around the block or even up
and down the street is enough time to unwind.  You can even call a friend for a quick pick-

6.  Play some music and dance with your kids – Music does wonders for me and my kids
love to dance around.  I just pick a playlist from my Iphone and watch them wiggle in
circles and my heart just smiles!

7.  Lay outside and find shapes in the clouds with your kids –  On a summer day, we grab
some towels and lay out on the grass in our backyard.  We find shapes in the sky and
make up stories!

8.  Take a scenic drive with your kids –  Driving as always calmed me down and I’m blessed
to have a vehicle that has a TV in it.  I just pop my kids’ favorite DVD and take a drive,
maybe even grab some coffee, ice cream, or snow cones!

9.  Play out in the rain with the kids – Feeling like a kid again with my kids always makes me
feel better and running around in the rain is one easy way to get that done!

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chocolate with the kids –  Hot chocolate for the kids, coffee for mommy.
Throw in some mini marshmallows, take a deep breath and everyone is happy.  I love
doing this in the winter and sitting around a bonfire in our backyard cuddled in blankets!

11.  Pick some flowers with the kids and make a bouquet – Stop and smell some flowers.
We live right by the park and my kids love to pick flowers and give them to me to put in
my hair.  We take a few home and put it in a nice vase the kids pick out!

12.  Go see a movie – If your kids are old enough for the movies, take them out to see the
latest family-friendly flick!

13.  Big Brother Big Sister – If you have a responsible older child that can watch the younger
ones while you “take a breather” for 15 minutes.

14.  Watch a movie at home – Pop some popcorn and watch your kids’ favorite DVD!

15.  Take them to a enclosed park or indoor play area – There are quite a few places that are
just designed for kids that are perfect for you to get some mommy time!

Things to Consider
Sometimes we just need it!  What are some things you do that give you that much needed mommy time when you can’t get away?

Leave me a comment! I’d love to hear your ideas!

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21 Replies to “15 Mommy Time Ideas while Parenting”

  1. Great, fun suggestions! Although I have to admit, I loathe bath time because my 3 year old never wants to get out and gets crazy afterwards! lol

    1. Haha! I can see how they could get wired after a bath!

  2. Mommy time is vital for us moms. Great suggestions for when you kids dont go to school yet

    1. I can’t wait for school-aged kids! (Then I’ll be saying, “Why can’t they be little forever” when they leave me to go to school O_O)

  3. I have grown children but memories still haunt me of when I became momzilla! 3 kids under the age of 3 had me pulling my hair out! Great advice for all moms!! Mom time is important for the sake of your own sanity and the children’s well-being as well!

    1. LOL We stopped at 2! I still want a girl but I already have two boys and 3 boys under 5 may not be so good for me! LOL

  4. So many great ideas! I love them all; can’t pick a favorite. My kids are a little older now (9 and 13) and I still love to color with them!

    1. I love to color with my kids too! It’s funny how the older we get, we don’t get to do those things anymore!

  5. My kids are finally old enough that they can self entertain. But I do remember pushing the stroller to the mailbox just for a few moments of peace and fresh air. It passes so fast.

    1. haha i know that feeling but some times we just need that 5 minute quiet haha

  6. Love these ideas! I definitely need to take more time for mommy 🙂

    1. absolutely! 🙂 thanks for visiting!

  7. There are wonderful suggestions, we all need this from time to time! (Or everyday 🙂 )

    1. lol everyday is about right for me! haha thanks for stopping by!

  8. Going on a walk or a drive are our go-tos, depending on the weather. When it’s nice, getting outside at all helps everyone feel better! When the weather isn’t cooperative, even a drive helps to break up the day… especially if it includes a stop to get a treat 🙂

    1. driving around helps me a lot especially when there’s a tv in the car to keep the kids entertained if it only is for 5-10 minutes! thanks for sharing your thoughts! Love them!

  9. My daughter and I love to go out and play in the rain together. It is so much fun for both of us really.

    1. It’s been raining a lot lately so I will definitely have to get to this too!

  10. Excellent advice here. Just watching my niece for a few days weekly I see the benefit of sneaking power naps in. Like 10 cups of coffee LOL; energizing agent. Gotta sleep if you want to genuinely enjoy that journey.

  11. Lauryn Rescoe says: Reply

    These are fantastic ideas, thanks for sharing! 🙂 My littles ones really enjoy when I read books to them.

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