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Mommy’s Best Amazon Finds Toddler Building Sets Edition

At Mommy Engineering, we’re launching a whole new segment that I hope would be beneficial for both of us!  The Mommy’s Best Amazon Finds is a monthly guide to our favorite Amazon finds in specific categories that tailors to the majority of our readers, Moms!  With this segment I hope to bring you great products you can find on Amazon for you, your family and your kids!

As my son’s third birthday quickly approaches this July, I’ve been researching different building sets to get him.  My son is a tinkerer and it’s probably hereditary because both his parents have an engineering background.  He loves to put things together, tear it down and start all over again.  He’ll be quite the engineer!  He loves to help Daddy around the house and is always asking questions, you know, like almost-three year old do.  This won’t be a normal building set since he has plenty of wood and plastic building blocks.  I’m looking for something particular, something that would really build my son’s skills, further his enthusiasm for building and nurture his creativity.  I narrow it down to these different sets that are unique in their own way!  Below are our picks for the best toddler building sets on the market today!

Disclaimer:  Mommy Engineering is not affiliated or associated with these products.  We look at each product on an educational aspect and although you may find many different manufacturers make these particular products, we review the product’s concept and ingenuity.  Links found in this post are affiliate links in which Katriza @ Mommy Engineering will receive a small commission if purchases are made through these links.  Thank you for supporting Mommy Engineering!

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Magnetic Building Blocks Set

When I saw this building set, I fell in love!  This construction set is creative and stimulating because it allows your children to dream big and get creative.  The set I found on Amazon is this magnetic building blocks Construction learning educational toys set made by MagicKIDS.  It features 62 vibrant geometric pieces including triangles, squares, trapezoids and diamonds that promote creative play and brain development such as patterns, shape recognition and fine motor skills.

This set has a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Amazon – Available for $30.99 Purchase Now on Amazon!

Educational Toys Space Construction

We have a similar building set at home that was given to us.  It came with a modeling guide like this one on Amazon.  My husband really liked this one because it takes a little more “engineering” to get all the parts together.  They were able to build a space car that my son still loves even after it was built months ago!  This set develops creativity and imagination and with creative play, builds skill development.  I love how this is for all ages because you can build simple projects and work your way up as your kids grow.

This set has a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Amazon – Available for $32.00 Purchase Now on Amazon!

Interlocking Plastic Brain Flakes

I’ve seen many different kinds of interlocking building sets but this one has definitely peeked my interest!  I just love seeing the designs you can make with this and how many endless possibilities you could make with a little bit of imagination and creativity.  This building set develops fine motor skills, sensory, imagination and creativity.  This set would be perfect for a family night event!  I could see my husband and I spending more time on this than my kids!

This set has a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Amazon – Available for $12.99 Purchase Now on Amazon!

Educational Toys Ultimate Blocks & Gears 

I remember these growing up! They have definitely since changed and gotten better over the years!  Mine use to be on a peg board and my dad and I would sit down and put together this building set and watch as each gear moves another by turning a lever.  It was fascinating!  They have since stepped it up to building actual bulldozers, robots, and buildings!  This set grows with your child as they can make bigger and more complex creations as they develop.

This set has a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Amazon – Available for $49.99 Purchase Now on Amazon!

Marble Run Building Set

This might’ve been my all-time favorite toy growing up!  My brothers and I would build these up as high as we could!  We then would connect the ball to knock over Dominos after it went through the entire maze.  I’m pretty sure it took hours to do but it was so satisfying when everything would go as we planned!  These have definitely gotten better since and I know this set develops creativity skills, fine motor skills and problem solving!

This set has a 5 out of 5 Star Rating on Amazon – Available for $36.99 Purchase Now on Amazon!


Which one is your favorite?  Let me know, leave me a comment!

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