The Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Right Gym for You

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Finding the gym that’s right for you can be tricky. This is to help you pick the right gym for you and your needs.  This is a perfect guide for moms looking to join a gym for the first time.

My husband was an avid gym goer until he started dating me.  I have never bothered to eat healthy or workout.  For a long time my bad habits didn’t bother me; until I started having children.  Outside of the fact that I needed to take care of myself in order to have healthy babies; pregnancy and child birth really changes our bodies.  There are a lot of changes my body had to undergo during pregnancy and child birth that isn’t easily reversible.  The changes do not actually stop at the physical changes but recently new research has shed light on the fact that motherhood changes our brains as well.  You can actually identify a person who is a mother just by looking at their brain scans.  It is amazing research!

You probably don’t need an engineer to tell you that going to the gym and getting healthy is the right thing to do but you might need some help in choosing the right gym that suits your needs.
The Mom's Guide to Choosing the Right Gym for You

The Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Right Gym for You

If you asked me 3 years ago what I thought of the gym, I would’ve told you I didn’t belong there.  I had these images in my head about huge muscle men throwing weights around and then there was me, this tiny weakling getting in their way.  I liked the idea of being fit but, oh wait… I don’t like pain, sweating, or feeling like my heart is going to explode.  I’ve managed to push off exercising for 24 years and then I had kids and my whole body changed.  It took some time but after 3 gyms, I finally found one that was right for me (and my family)! So where do you begin?


I started my research online and looked up the nearest gyms in my city. I’m a Stay-at-Home Mom so this was easy since I didn’t need to find a gym that was close to where I worked. If you do work, it may be a good idea to find a gym that is close to your work so you may hit the gym during lunch time. Another good idea is to find a gym located along your way home. I found a gym that was close enough to our house and on my husband’s way home so that we could meet and work out together.


We ended up joining a 24-hour gym but didn’t need to. If you work late hours or wish to workout early in the morning, this may be an amenity for you. What I like about some 24-hour gyms is the fact that it may not be so busy when I go to workout.


My paranoia played a part in my distance from the gym all my life so it was important for me to know when the peak busy times are and avoid them until I was ready. It’s safe to assume that the peak time are always between 5pm-7pm.


Some gyms have some amazing amenities including daycare, a pool, and classes.  A lot of my problems with my body includes my hip instability and using equipment like a bicycle or elliptical is not recommended.  A pool with a water aerobics class is perfect for me.  Some gyms offer classes like water aerobics, zumba, and high intensity strength training among many others.


This is the most important on my must-have amenity for finding a gym. My kids are too young to workout with me and I definitely don’t have the luxury of just dropping them off with someone while I go to the gym. I was able to find a gym that had daycare every single day. Which also meant that I had absolutely no excuse to miss the gym.

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Many gyms offer this for an additional cost.  This may be right for you if it’s your first time at a gym and not sure where to start.  I’ve never had a personal trainer because my husband taught me everything I know but this would’ve been something I would be interested in had he not been there with me.


Most would figure this would be higher on my conquest to find the right gym for me but I’m willing to pay for a gym that has all or most of the amenities that I need.  With my current gym membership that includes my husband and I plus daycare for our two boys, our monthly membership costs $90.  Many gyms offer incentives to pay bi-annually or annually for a reduced rate saving anywhere from 10%-20% or waiving any annual fees that may apply with membership.  Be aware of those dreaded annual fees that can creep up on you!

Do you go to the gym? 

What are some things that helped you decide on the right gym for you?

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34 Replies to “The Mom’s Guide to Choosing the Right Gym for You”

  1. There definitely a LOT to consider when choosing a gym or even a Barre or Cycling class. You hit on all the major things to keep in mind – which is so helpful!

  2. I agree with you, however I just cancelled my gym membership due to lack of use. For me location and price was key for me. But right now I seem to be lacking motivation to go which is why after not going for 6 months I cancelled it.

  3. I don’t go to the gym but I really should to keep more active. It is great that you have found a routine that works for you and is convenient with the kids x

  4. Going to the gym is never fun, at least bot until you get used to it. Especially if you’ve never worked out in your life. I think this makes a great guide for fellow parents. You just have to find the gym that works for you.

  5. I use just a 24/7 gym because I have a personal trainer there. That is the only reason why I go there otherwise I would workout at home.

  6. Location is overly important when it comes to choosing a gym. I once signed up for one 8 miles away because my health insurance paid for it and I NEVER used it.

  7. Daycare is the most important thing to thing about for moms! With two young kids, it’s important to know they are enjoying themselves while I work out.

  8. Such a great post for thinking about where you are going to work out. I found a place that I can walk or ride a bike to and I love it!

  9. I used to not think about childcare when it came to the gym. Instead I tried to fit it in when the husband was home. Utilizing childcare gives him some alone time or allows us to workout together, which is awesome!

  10. I don’t go to a gym. I really prefer the comfort and privacy of my own home. Away from all the gym selfie rats. Eek!

  11. I was so bummed. I had a gym walking distance to me and super affordable that just closed down. Now I’m in the process of working out at home until I find another space.

  12. These are all great tips in choosing a gym for a mother. I know the one I go to has a daycare and many parents utilize it.

  13. This is such a useful post for all mums out there! There’s so many ladies gyms around where I live but don’t think that any of them actually think of mums very much! x

  14. Finding the right gym can definitely be a huge burden. There’s always something or the other off about a place. I found this really helpful 🙂

  15. We have one gym close to us, and it is a little private gym that I really liked before I had kids, but there is no daycare, so it makes it pretty impossible to use for me. The next closest one is 30 minutes away, and that just isn’t sustainable. Instead I try to get my workouts in at home, and go out for walks with my kids.

  16. I always avoided the gym lol. I decided to work out at home because, this may be irrational, but I was always scared that I would be that person who gets video taped doing something dumb and plastered on social media lol

  17. All of these are definitely things to take into account. I don’t need the babysitting anymore but I know some moms that this could make all the difference.

  18. Great blog post! Lots to consider here! I too have avoided the gym in the past but this is great info!

  19. I’m lucky I have a gym quite close by but I have to admit I don’t use it nearly as much as I should!

  20. Thankfully not something I’ve had to deal with as I work at a gym and get free membership. But yes all valid points.

  21. I have been having problems lately trying to find the right gym for my needs. I am already a lifetime member at the local gym, and I must admit it does offer a lot. However, I am so tempted to sign up in another one that offers more of the classes and facilities that I like. However, it is so hard to justify the $150/month price tag :(.

  22. I needed this post! I’ve been looking for a good gym, but didn’t know what makes it a good gym for me haha. Thanks!

  23. I really enjoy exercise classes and I also enjoy watching television while I walk on the treadmill those are two aspects of the gym that appeal to me greatly. I don’t give much thought to location or cost because I am willing to make the investment & I don’t mind traveling

  24. I have been thinking about joining a gym for the childcare and to get out of the house once in a while! I find it so hard to stay motivated while working out at home.

  25. I’m not a mom but I don’t enjoy going to the gym! I hate thinking that people might be watching me haha. I’ve found some really great at-home workouts that work for me, though!

  26. Reesa Lewandowski says: Reply

    This is really good info! For me, it’s been hard to choose a gym because it’s finding one with child care, classes I like and times that work for me. Great tips!

  27. The gym for me is whichever one has childcare haha! I’ve gotten quite a collection of workout gear to have at home, though, which is even easier.

  28. Daycare was a huge plus for me when it came to picking a gym. It really helps that I can do it during the day and someone is available to watch my son.

  29. I like the idea of joining a gym that is open 24 hours; I’d like to have access whenever I want. I think it’s cool when gyms have a daycare…that is so helpful!

  30. I was a member of a gym for a year, but I decided to stop going to help cut down costs. I do a lot of hiking, so this is where I get most of my exercise. 🙂

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  32. I am so lucky to live in a building with a private gym just a few floors away from me! I have NO excuses!

  33. It’s been a while since I even tried a gym. I’ve always been disappointed in every one I try.

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