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Never Too Young to Become a Money Smart Kid with the Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit + Giveaway!

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With my oldest graduating from Kindergarten this week, I’ve been looking for ways to keep the learning happening during the summer months. I am so thankful to partner with Money Savvy Generation to bring you this review about their amazing Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit to help my son become a money smart kid!

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Never Too Young to Become a Money Smart Kid with the Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit

Teaching my kids how to save and spend wisely is important life concepts I want my kids to learn early but I had no idea where to start! I am so thankful and excited to find the Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit because this will help parents like myself start the conversation! This kit is specifically designed for kids ages 6-11 and received the Homeschool Parent Homeschool Friendly Stamp of Approval and the Excellence In Financial Literacy Education (EIFLE).

The Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit comes with:

  • Your choice Money Savvy Savings Bank
  • Presentation & Music CD
  • 44-page Parent Handbook
  • 21-page Student Workbook
  • Coloring & Activity Book
  • Money Poem Poster

There are 4 different types of Money Savvy Savings Banks:

  • Money Savvy Pig (available in 5 colors: translucent blue, green, pink, purple, and opaque platinum)
  • Moolah the Money Savvy Cow
  • Money Savvy Football
  • Money Savvy Soccer ball

Each Bank comes with goal-setting stickers, quick guide on how to get started, and the piggy and cow banks include eye stickers!

There are 8 lesson chapters and each chapter is about 60 minutes in length. For older kids, I can imagine their attention span is much better and this can hold their attention for an hour. However, my son (aged 6 at the time of this review) could only do less than half an hour so we broke up each chapter into 2 sections. You could complete the whole kit in 8 hours or so.

Quick Start Guide

First, you’ll need to first familiarize yourself with the CD’s content as all 8 lesson chapters (108 images) as well as the music files are in it. Make sure you have version 7 or higher of Adobe Acrobat Reader as all the chapter files are PDF. (If you don’t have Adobe, you can download it here).

Second, open the Parent Handbook and flip to the section under “Parent Resources” for commentaries by founder, Susan Beacham, to help you understand how children should relate to money which helped me set up a basis in teaching my son through this kit.

Coloring & Activity Book

I started with the Coloring & Activity Book because it gives a basic, yet fun and engaging, way to introduce money concepts to my son. This activity book has 4 activities that we broke up in 2 days. My son enjoyed going through these activities as he loves to color! Afterwards, we dove into the chapter lessons and split up each chapter in two days.

Parent Handbook

Inside the parent handbook you’ll find a section for discussion questions and activity suggestions for each chapter as well as the song lyrics to the music found in the CD for some of the chapters. You will also find an Allowance Contract in the back as well as recommended reading material by age following the Parenting Resource section mentioned earlier. I love that this came with discussion questions and activity suggestions to help further engage my son during the lesson and really strengthen his understand and retention of the material. These pauses in the lesson really helped make learning fun!

Student Handbook

Each chapter is accompanied by two 1-page worksheets that I thought were really well structured and engaging for even my 6 year old. Following the chapter worksheets is a thorough glossary list of terms they will have learned during these lessons.

Overall I feel this is the perfect start to teaching my son how to become a money smart kid! He really enjoyed these lessons and I can’t wait until my younger (now 4 years old) kid to learn more about money as well using the Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit!

Money Savvy Generation also has several products geared towards different age groups including:

  • OMG Official Money Guide for Teenager (Age 10-18)
  • Cash Cache Personal Finance Organizer (Age 12-18)
  • OMG Official Money Guide for College Students (Age 17+)

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive lesson kit to teach your children about money, check out Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit!


Here’s your chance to win the Money Savvy Kids @Home Kit for yourself!

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