Odd Pregnancy Signs
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20+ Moms Were Asked: Odd Pregnancy Signs

Did you know that most women experience not only the typical early signs of pregnancy but also odd pregnancy signs you may not see anywhere on the internet?  We asked 20+ moms what odd pregnancy signs they experienced before getting that positive pregnancy test and you might be surprised! Check out our favorites!

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Odd Pregnancy Signs

20+ Moms Were Asked: Odd Pregnancy Signs

Trying to get pregnant can be so exciting and totally nerve-wrecking when you’re waiting for that positive pregnancy test!  I’m sure by now you’ve looked up all the early signs of pregnancy and have been consciously checking them off one by one in your head before the date of your next period.  

Some early signs of pregnancy include:

  • Tender or Swollen Breasts
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Food cravings or aversions
  • Constipation
  • Dizziness

However, along with these typical early pregnancy signs, odd pregnancy signs can also exist.  We surveyed a panel of moms to see what those odd pregnancy signs they experienced and found a surprising trend: these women talked about some of the same odd pregnancy signs!

Heightened Sense of Smell

Caitlin and Suja both experienced some changes that effected their sense of smell.  I remember also having a heightened sense of smell that continued well into my postpartum.  

Caitlin P from Real Mom Recs wrote:

“My sense of smell became super sensitive all of a sudden. I was in the grocery store and smelled someone’s perfume and it made me gag!”

Suja D from Passionate Moms wrote:

“This may sound weird but the first sign I noticed was I smelled differently. I mean everyone knows how their sweat smells and mine was different the minute I got pregnant. I was telling my hubby about this and in the following week I got insomnia problem. I lost my sleep completely. Thankfully my body showed me signs to be careful before the pregnancy test kit revealed the magical truth.”

Crazy Mood Swings

Our hormones are definitely play a role when we become pregnant.  It is part of how our body conditions itself to care for the baby in the womb.  It’s understandable that a sudden change in our body could cause some interesting effects.

Claire R from Bumps Babies Tots And Teens Mummy Diaries wrote:

“I would bork at nothing. I just had a feeling that I was pregnant.”

Becca E from Our Beautiful Mess wrote:

“I was super cranky and moody. I was getting upset at weird things.”

Kimberly C from Team Cartwright wrote:

“This one is not textbook at all. During my first pregnancy I had a couple of times where something just made me feel rage. There is no nice way to say it. I literally saw red and had to go off to calm down. I have rarely felt that level of anger before. And it was always over something stupid. My husband moved my water, or he didn’t agree with my dinner suggestion. It only happened a couple of times, and once I had my son it didn’t happen again. Then one day almost two years later I felt that same rage over my husband buying the wrong type of cottage cheese. Once I stepped aside and calmed down I though, hmmm… I took a pregnancy test the next morning and yep! I was pregnant! It isn’t a cute symptom or sign. But strong emotions like that can be a sign of all the hormonal changes going on. And mine was spot on!”

No worries Kimberly! You were not alone! 

Stomach Issues

With all the changes happening in your body, especially in your abdominal region, I can imagine how it could disrupt and make things uncomfortable.

Sirri M from Super Sirrious Mom wrote:

“My food tasted off. I was eating the same thing as everyone else but kept complaining something was wrong with mine! Then only one boob started to hurt and I became suspicious but unsure. Why would only ONE hurt?!”

Sara D from Classically Homeschooling wrote:

“I love coffee. But one day I went downstairs, smelled the delicious aroma, and nearly choked on my first sip. It tasted horrible! I found out later that day I was pregnant.”

Andrea O from SizeCast wrote:

“Heartburn! It started before I conceived but it did not clear up until after my first trimester. I haven’t had heartburn before or since.”

Shahira M from By Shahira wrote:

“Always have a bloating feeling followed by a day of cold/slight fever. Then difference of smell in vaginally discharge.”

Tiredness & Sleep Problems

Your body is working overtime to prepare for this new baby!  It can be very draining for you which is why sleep is part of the 9 Things to Do Before Trying to Conceive.  It’s important to get at least 8 hours of sleep so your body can be fully rested but as MaryAnne tells us, it’s not that simple sometimes!

Gemma M from Seaside Sundays wrote:

“Crazy, Crazy vivid dreams. The first time, I had no idea. The second time, I just knew I was pregnant. test wasn’t positive for another few days.”

MaryAnne K from Mama Smiles wrote:

“Insomnia! This was a big pregnancy symptom for me the first time round especially, but I didn’t realize pregnancy could cause it.”

Pelvic & Abdominal Pain

Just like having issues with your stomach, you may also experience some pain before getting your positive pregnancy test.  Like the moms below, I remember having pelvic and abdominal pain.  I actually had these pains last throughout my second pregnancy with a lot of instability in my Sacroiliac (SI) Joint.

Nicolle M from  Our Tiny Nest wrote:

“My husband and I went through fertility treatment and had an IUI. two days after I felt like this electric current/warm feeling in my lower left pelvic region. A week later my sense of smell was so heightened I was so sensitive!”

Aubree P from A Mother’s Field Guide wrote:

“SI joint pain. My lower back/sacrum area starts loosening and hurting even before a positive a test!”

Diana S from Before and After Baby wrote:

“My first signs were sore breasts, which I have never gotten before, and abdominal pain. which was different from a period cramp and felt nothing like a stomach ache, so that’s what convinced me to take a test, and sure enough it was positive!”

What odd pregnancy signs have you experienced?  Where they any of these?
Let’s connect ~ I would love to hear from you! Please leave us a comment!

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  • Robin Rue

    When I was pregnant with my oldest, my hands and feet were so itchy I almost couldn’t stand it. It was the weirdest thing LOL 😂

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Oh my gosh! I never heard of that before! What did you do to help with the itchiness?!

  • http://clutterboxblog.com/ Angela Tolsma

    The coffee comment made me laugh. Watching my friends go through pregnancy has certainly been enlightening. It’s amazing what is and isn’t a stereotype.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      LOL I agree! I have a friend now that thinks she might be pregnant and she always laughs at my posts on FB since she says I don’t make being a mom very appealing… “Gee thanks friend!” LOL

  • Christina Bruner Polovich

    Let me tell you something odd… I developed a highly heightened sense of smell in my first pregnancy. That was over 21 years ago and it never left me!!

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Wow I think I would like those senses to stay with me too though! I know I still had the heightened sense of smell months after delivery!

  • Kaylyn Rhea

    These are great to know for the future. I am nowhere near pregnant yet but know that this will be something that I can come back to. Lol. Thank you for sharing!

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Thanks for visiting!

  • Melissa Chapman

    These are so interesting it is amazing what hormones will do to a woman. I had cravings for tomatoes but after my positive pregnancy test. BTW I don’t plan on getting pregnant again.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Tomatoes were not my friend! I couldn’t eat anything that contained tomatoes in it, the smell just made me gag!

  • http://www.terristeffes.com Terri Steffes

    I had some strange issues, too, one being the smell of coffee (which I typically love) making me ill and then a flu like feeling but no temp. Yep, preggers.

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      My body temperature was definitely warmer that even my husband noticed. I’m always the one freezing with cold hands and after one night that I had these flu-like symptoms, the warm body temperature stayed with me. Definitely pregnant!

  • Arushi Garg

    These are true for me too especially mood swings and fatigue. I also had very bad nausea in the beginning

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      I’m thankful for having no mood swings lol – I can be pretty mean and can only imagine what I would say to my husband haha

  • https://www.rose-minded.com Kay Uimari

    These are so interesting, what a good list of questions! I would never have guessed some of these

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      Thanks for visiting!

  • Katrina Tauro

    This is such an interesting read, there’s so many different symptoms and experiences that women have, I wonder which ones will happen to me!

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      I’d love to know too! You’ll have to leave a comment again when you do get pregnant and let us know!

  • Kansas Bonanno

    I’m at the finish line, i’m 37 weeks today. My worst sign is always morning sickness and heartburn, and wonky sense of smell!

    • http://www.mommyengineering.com Mommy Engineering

      wonky is definitely a good word to describe it!

  • http://www.heartfeltbalancehandmadelife.blogspot.com Quirky Homemaker

    Yes, I definitely had the smell thing. Seems like there was one other thing that would have been different before I knew I was pregnant, but I can’t remember any more! I think I did a strange nesting thing. Most people get the nesting thing toward the end of their pregnancy, but mine began before I even knew I was pregnant.

  • http://www.tothemotherhood.com/ Lesha

    Morning sickness was a surefire sign for me, especially with my second and third. With my third, my sense of smell was pretty strong along with the severe morning sickness.

  • http://www.primebeautyblog.net PrimeBeauty

    I think it’s so interesting that you sense of smell becomes heightened when you are pregnant. It definitely makes dealing with morning sickness a bit more challenging.

  • http://www.townsend-house.com/ Heather

    Every time I have been pregnant, I have been unable to stay awake right before I found out – which was around the 6 week mark I guess. My sister-in-law called one time and my husband said I was sleeping, and she knew immediately I was pregnant 🙂

  • Ayana Pitterson

    The heightened smells have gotten me for my both pregnancies. I swore I could smell every single seasoning and ingredient in dishes. Unfortunately for me, those smells often had me running to the bathroom. I so don’t miss pregnancy. Love the products…but HATE the process.

    Thrifting Diva

  • Frolic_Life_Syl

    I was so tired when I was preganant that I would come home from work and immediately pass out.