Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution with these Must-Haves!

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution can be hard! It’s January, the month of motivation and life-changing decisions!  I love to hear about New Year’s resolutions!  It’s inspiring to see people strive to better themselves. January’s Mommy’s Best Amazon Finds is all about New Year’s resolution and products that can help you achieve them by keeping them!  Disclaimer: This more »

Track and Determine your Ovulation Period Easily with FREE Printable!

How to Determine Your Ovulation Period

Are you trying to get pregnant by tracking your ovulation period? First you’ll need to determine ovulation period through this easy printable! The second installment of Mommy Engineering’s Pregnancy Series is learning how to determine your ovulation period.  When I was trying to conceive (TTC) years ago, I was advised to start tracking my basal more »