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11 Tips to Fight the Dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss

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One of the things I never knew before becoming a new mom was the Postpartum Hair Loss when to worry.  I’ve had very thick hair my entire life and never had problems with hair loss before.  You could imagine my shock when I took a shower one week after giving birth and found my hair clogged the shower drain and then filled up my hairbrush.  Gross.

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I was happy to research that Postpartum Hair Loss is normal and due to our changing hormones (you can read more about why it occurs here).  Although it’s a fact that you’re hair is probably going to be falling out for awhile after giving birth, you can try these tips to help minimize postpartum hair loss!  

11 Tips to fight the dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss When to Worry

11 Tips to Fight the Dreaded Postpartum Hair Loss When to Worry

Tip #1: Get a new haircut 

If you have longer hair, this tip is definitely for you.  Getting your hair cut short can help with postpartum hair loss for a few reasons:

Having short hair helps thicken up the hair around your scalp which helps conceal hair thinning

Haircuts keep your ends healthy from split ends that cause tangling and thus reduces breakage and straining from brushing

Tip #2: New shampoo and conditioner

Consider replacing your shampoo and conditioner with something that is free of chemicals like parabens and sulfates.  Look for products that contain Biotin (helps fortify your existing hair), Naicin (to stimulate hair follicles) and Saw Palmetto (may help prevent hair loss).

Tip #3: Try different hair styles and styling products

Often times women experiencing postpartum hair loss lose hair in clumps in or around the same area on their head.  Changing the way you part your hair can help conceal these areas by adding some volume there.  Using volumizing shampoo and conditioner can also help followed by using texturing hair products like volumizing mousse.

Tip #4:  Get a new hairbrush 

Always use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair. You can use a detangling spray to avoid causing too much strain on your hair follicles. Allow your hair to dry first before running a comb through your hair.

Tip #5: Avoid tight hairstyles

Avoid putting your hair in a pony tail or any other tight hair styles. These tight hairstyles will cause some strain on your scalp and cause even more hair follicles to fall out.

Tip #6: Take vitamins

Continue to take your prenatal vitamins even after giving birth. This is recommended for moms who choose to breastfeed but it’s also good to keep taking them as your body adjusts back to pre-pregnancy.

Tip #7: Eat healthy

Even though you’re taking your vitamins, your body best absorbs nutrients through the food you eat. Eating healthy is a great way to give your body what it needs to get back to things before your pregnancy. During this adjusting period, it’s important to eat healthy to help gain the balance your body needs. Eating healthy is also important if you’ve chosen to breastfeed.

Tip #8: Minimize your stress

Especially for new moms, this postpartum period is an adjustment and it takes some time to get use to your new normal. With that being said, this time can also be very stressful. It is important to eliminate stress where possible and minimize stress when it isn’t possible. Stress can cause many different problems with your body and losing your hair is one of them. Have a self-care routine to help reduce your stress.

Tip #9: Avoid washing your hair in hot water

Hot water allows your pores to open up, while cold water closes them. That’s why they also tell you to wash your face with hot and then cold water. That idea still applies here for your scalp. I can completely understand that taking a cold shower would be exactly the opposite of self-care but washing your hair is cold water will help with postpartum hair loss.

Tip #10: Avoid chemical treatments

It may be tempting to finally get your hair colored or maybe try a Brazilian blowout after giving birth but these chemical treatments are harsh on your hair. Such harsh chemicals could damage your hair more and cause irritation at the scalp causing more hair loss. It’s best wait until the postpartum hair loss has over before considering any chemical treatments on your hair.

Tip #11: Air dry your hair

Avoid using hair dryers that could irritate your hair follicles and cause more hair loss to occur. Avoid rigorously drying your hair with your towel or tying your hair up in your towel that could pull on your hair and cause it to fall out.

These tips above help combat normal postpartum hair loss but what if you have an excessive amount of hair loss?

Postpartum Hair Loss When to Worry?

If you are experiencing more hair loss than usual or still have hair loss after 12 months postpartum, it may be signs of Anemia or Postpartum Thyroiditis.  These are both very treatable and you should schedule a doctor’s visit if you are concerned.

In many cases, postpartum hair loss is normal but some people who have experienced an excessive amount of hair loss have resorted to hair regrowth serums and treatments.  If this is the case, you may need to schedule an appointment with a Trichologist to discuss your options for treatment if necessary.

If you’re looking for a less invasive solution to your excessive postpartum hair loss when to worry problems, you may consider wearing wigs.  There are many different styles of wigs to choose from and most are very affordable at BlackHairspray.com.  

Have you had postpartum hair loss when to worry? I would love to hear from you! Leave me a comment!

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