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Finally! A Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App!

I remember the days with my first son Jameson where getting him to fall asleep at night or take a nap was like pulling teeth! Fast forward a few years and my son still struggles to fall asleep or take his nap! This week we partnered with Huckleberry Labs Inc. to introduce Huckleberry App designed to help parents and babies alike to get better, more restful night sleep!

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Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App

Finally! A Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App!

With Jameson, we tried the bedtime routine, cry-it-out method, co-sleeping, and other methods to no avail until we threw our hands up and just said this is just the way it is. When our second son Brayden was born, we were amazed at how well he slept through the night and would take a nap without fail. No need for a bedtime routine, just his blanket, bear and crib. Fast forward to present, he still falls asleep easily next to us and refuses to sleep alone. Wakes up very cranky and takes a long time to fall asleep for his nap and insists on holding our hands. Every child’s sleep is different, what does your child’s sleep behaviors look like?

Sleep is so important for parents and children alike! We need it to function through the day, our children need it to grow and develop and yet in this busy world, we often take it for granted. You probably don’t need scientific research to explain why you feel drained, tired, or exhausted when you didn’t get enough sleep but what if you could have your sleep behaviors analyzed to improve the way you sleep? This is where the Huckleberry App comes in.

About Huckleberry App

The Huckleberry App is designed specifically to help children from 4 months old to 5 years old sleep sooner, longer, and more restful! Likewise, when our children sleep better, we as parents do too!

Developed by sleep experts, data scientists, and parents, Huckleberry learns about your sleep situation.  Huckleberry gives you an evidence-based program designed personally for your child and family that will change the way you sleep.

And that can change everything.  Huckleberry Labs

I couldn’t describe it any better myself!  This would’ve been a lifesaver when my first son was born because we tried that cry-it-out method and I’m certain that I cried too!  With expert, personalized advice from the team behind Huckleberry App, I am confident with my results!  Are you ready to try a new way to getting a better night sleep for you and your children?

Why use Huckleberry App?

You may be interested in using the Huckleberry App if you are a parent concerned with any of the following things:

  • Night wakings (for various reasons)

  • Insufficient or unpredictable sleep

  • Taking a long time to fall asleep

  • Short naps

  • Only sleeping in when in the car, stroller, or while being held

  • Early morning rising

  • Going to sleep later than desired

  • Getting out of bed

  • Resisting going to sleep

  • Night terrors

  • Nightmares

  • Night weaning

Or maybe there’s something else or if you’re just curious of your child’s sleep and want to see if they’re on the right track, the Huckleberry App is a really useful tool to any parent looking to help improve their child’s (and subsequently their own) sleep!

How It Works

Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App
This is probably my favorite part!  It’s so simple and easy!  As a busy mom, simple and easy is how I like it!

First, download the FREE app here from your app store:  Apple Store | Google Play.  Then sign up free using your email address.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll have to do these 3 easy steps:

  1. Using the “Add a Sleep Session” Tab on the bottom of the app, begin logging naps and sleep times.  You may log these sleep times in real life using the timer or you may add previous sleep times using the “Set Time” under “START” and “END” at the top of screen.
    • For analysis; you will need a minimum of 3 days of sleep logged before you may send in for your personalized analysis.  
  2. Fill out the Adaptive Diagnostic Quiz which is basically a survey about your child’s sleep behaviors and what you wish to accomplish with the Huckleberry App.  It took me less than 5 minutes to do!
  3. Get personalized “easy-to-follow, step-by-step” guidance by submitting your 3+ days of logged sleep time and quiz!
    • You must subscribe to be able to send in and receive your personalized guidance:
      • Monthly – $14.99 (recurring billing/cancel anytime!)
      • Annually – $9.99 (billed in one payment)
    • Don’t want to subscribe? SweetSpotTM, the world’s 1st real-time predictor of when your child will be tired but not overtired is ALWAYS FREE!  You can view the SweetSpotTM time on the “Add a Sleep Session” tab on the app once you’ve logged a few sleep times.

Once you’ve submitted your information for analysis, it takes about 3 business days for your Huckleberry Sleep Analysis is ready and you’ll receive a notification the app when it’s ready and an email!

Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App

About your Huckleberry Sleep Analysis

I am so happy see the amount of work the Huckleberry Team spent on coming up with a comprehensive sleep plan for my individual needs!  Here is what was inside my Sleep Analysis:

Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App

  • Sleep Profile: An overview of my toddler’s sleep behaviors and addressed some concerned I put on my Adaptive Diagnostic Quiz.
  • Recommended Schedule:  An outline of their recommended schedule including: Morning rise time, day time nap time and length, dinner time, getting ready for bed time, and night time sleep time. My favorite part of this section is how personalized the explanation of this schedule was and how and why they came to this schedule:
  • Weekly Recommendations: Broken up in 3 sections: Week 1, Week 2 and 3, and Week 4 which each section containing a number of activities you may select to try and each activity having a personalized explanation for your individual needs.
    • You may select an activity and try it out by clicking on the “Let’s do this!” button at the bottom of each activity explanation and when done, click the “I’m done” button or “It Didn’t Work” button.
    • Work through Weeks 1 through 4 by documenting the progress on the Huckleberry App
  • Additional Notes: A section that addresses some other concerns that may arise in the future like if my son begins to have problems falling asleep at night (he currently doesn’t have this issue).

Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App
Restful Night Sleep for Mom & Baby with Huckleberry App

I’m still in the process of working the entire process of the weekly recommendations and my son is showing some major progress in just the last few days and I’m so happy!  I’ve already recommended this to a friend who has a 4 month old and I can’t wait for her to try it!  I highly recommend this app for any parent looking to get some real, personalized feedback from experts in sleep and data analysis!  If you and your children are in need of some extra help in getting a good night rest, this is definitely the app for you!

Visit the Huckleberry App Website & Download the Huckleberry App today! Apple Store | Google Play

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  • Dominic Hatje

    It’s brilliant that there is an app like this. Thank you for sharing it and doing such a great job of explaining how to install it. Missing out on sleep is very harmful for parent and child alike and phones are often blamed for depriving their users of sleep so it’s encouraging to see them being put to good use.

  • Heather Castillo

    I’ve never heard of this app but I definitely need to check it out. My girls still have some issues sleeping occasionally.

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