Simple & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Simple & Easy Thanksgiving Centerpiece

This year we decided that we would host Thanksgiving because hauling around our kids across town all day didn’t seem that appealing.  We weren’t expecting many people so I didn’t actually feel the need to dress up our home and be festive this Thanksgiving.  It turns out we are actually have a lot more people over than we expected!

I needed to come up with a simple, easy and inexpensive centerpiece for Thanksgiving this year in a very short amount of time!  Here is what I came up with!

I found this cute candle holder my husband and I got as a wedding gift years ago I figured it would be perfect for the occasion.  I grabbed a few things from my garden:

  • 2 pine cones
  • dried withered grass strands
  • 6 dried lavender stems

Of course you could purchase these for cheap from the dollar store or Walmart but I really like FREE so I had to get creative.

With the dried grass strands, I tied them into a small bow around the rim of the candle holder. I cut the bow shorter and placed the remaining grass inside the candle holder.  The original candle that came with this holder was green so I purchased a pumpkin spice orange candle from Walmart for $3.00.  I placed the dried lavender stems in the candle holder as well in the spaces between the glass and the candle itself.  I had two taper candle holders from last Christmas and bought two red tapered candles from Walmart for $0.97 each.  I placed a Christmas ornament of an adorable glitter squirrel holding a gold nut at the corner base of the candle holder and placed the two pine cones between the tapered candles and main piece.

I loved how it turned out!

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!