Save Money with this Simply Easy DIY Pink Diaper Cake Tutorial

Diaper cakes make wonderful baby shower gifts and they are quite easy to make!  Purchasing one can be expensive so save some money and make your own diaper cake with this simply easy tutorial on this pink diaper cake! Next weekend I will be hosting my friend’s baby shower so I decided to make the more »

Start Bluuming Today!


I’m so excited to announce that Mommy Engineering has partnered with Bluum!  I’m so excited about this because I’ve heard so many great things about this company and have quite a few of my friends bragging about it each month!  Each month, my friends would receive a discovery box specific to their child’s age group. more »

A Great Example of Negligent Bad Parenting

I came across a news article in my hometown one evening that really bothered me.  The headline was “Woman investigated for driving with baby on lap.”  When I clicked on it, the story stated that many concerned citizens called the local police department about a woman that posted a Facebook video where a baby boy more »