6 Helpful Tips to Help Your Kids Survive Allergy Season

6 Tips on Helping Kids Survive Allergy Season
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My kids love to spend time outside and it’s perfect for getting that excess energy out!  Unfortunately it’s allergy season and I have the hardest time tackling it when it comes to my kids!  I hate seeing them cry and have bright red noses even though it’s cute!  This week Mommy Engineering introduces Emma Lawson with her tips on how to help your kids survive this year’s allergy season!

6 Helpful Tips to Help Your Kids Survive Allergy Season

6 Helpful Tips to Help Your Kids Survive Allergy Season

It’s extremely important and beneficial for kids to spend a lot of time playing outside, but seasonal allergies can be pretty distressing. Come spring, the air is filled with pollen which causes red, itchy, watery eyes, a runny nose, sneezing, and coughing. Parents get upset, especially when toddlers and young kids are affected. However, there are some measures of precautions that you can take in order to reduce pollen exposure and help your kids feel better. The first thing you should do is make sure that the culprit behind these symptoms is a pollen allergy, so schedule an appointment with your pediatrician before you start following any of these tips.

Pollen counts and forecasts

Luckily, there are pollen forecasts that can help you plan your day. Usually, pollen counts start rising in the morning, and they peak somewhere the midday and early afternoon. During these hours, don’t take your kids outside, and close all windows to prevent the pollen from entering your home. Use air conditioners with HEPA filters to recirculate the air. If you want to be on the safe side, a top-notch air purifier for allergies can do wonders for your respiratory health. Such devices are highly recommended for anybody suffering from hay fever or asthma.

Wash their hands6 Tips on Helping Kids Survive Allergy Season

Whenever your kids get home from playing outside, wash their hands. It’s also a good idea to change their clothes as the pollen sticks to them, and wash it in warm water. When your kids are outside, they tend to rub their itchy eyes, thus additionally irritating them, so wearing sunglasses is a good idea. Cold compresses can be used to soothe itching eyes. There are also special cleansing wipes for eyes and they’re very practical when your kids are playing outside and when you can’t wash their faces.

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Use salt water

A stuffy nose is one of the most unpleasant things when it comes to allergies. It’s very upsetting when you see your kids have a hard time breathing. This problem prevents them from getting a good night’s sleep and it affects their appetite. Salt water can be used as a spray, or for nasal irrigation. This magic potion will help clear the nose, flush the pollen, and even loosen mucus. You can either get it from the pharmacy or make it yourself by adding a teaspoon of non-iodized salt in 8 ounces of boiled water.

Avoid dehydration

Sneezing and blowing the nose all the time can lead to dehydration, so help your kid by keeping a bottle of water nearby and having them sip on it at intervals. Apart from keeping them hydrated, water will also flush any germs out of their system and help them recover faster.

Adjust their diet

Spicy foods are beneficial because they can help loosen mucus and clear a stuffy nose. You can try adding onion, garlic, or hot ginger to your dishes and see how your kids react to those ingredients. On the other hand, kids that are allergic to ragweed can also be allergic to certain kinds of food, including cucumbers, sunflower seeds, bananas, or melons. If your kids are allergic to grass pollen, then you should check whether they’re not allergic to figs, oranges, or tomatoes. Stay away from processed foods, as well as from foods treated with pesticides, and stick to natural, organic products.

Allergy medicine

Give your kids allergy medicine in order to prevent the symptoms. It’s best for them to take their dose before going to bed at night because that’s how they will be ready for the new day. There are some natural cough solutions based on the ivy leaf extract, beneficial for clearing the chest from mucus. Consult your pediatrician before introducing any medicine.

As you can see, there are ways to help your kids get through the allergy season. The key lies in minimizing their exposure to allergens and allergy-proofing your home.

Emma LawsonAbout Emma Lawson

Emma Lawson is an online article editor at ripped.me. She likes to do research on healthy lifestyle and share it with her audience. She also tries to suggest innovative home remedies.

Find her online: Website: ripped.me | Twitter

Things to Consider

Have you used any of these tips to help reduce the stress of allergy season with your kids?
What’s your favorite tip from Emma?
What other tips have you found that has helped your kids survive allergy season?

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105 Replies to “6 Helpful Tips to Help Your Kids Survive Allergy Season”

  1. Thankfully neither of my kids have seasonal allergies, but I have hayfever BAD. I have been taking allergy meds for a few weeks now…

    1. ugh! Hay fever sounds awful! I hope you start feeling better soon! ❤️💯

  2. Janel Berchielli says: Reply

    These are some great tips. Are used to have really bad allergies and then they went away which I have no idea how that happened.

    1. lol that is pretty amazing! Did you get rid of a pet? Move? Man now you got me wondering!

  3. Karen Yannacio Morse says: Reply

    I also have terrible spring time allergies and its brutal. I just learned (yesterday, in fact) about using saline solution to help stop your eyes from constantly watering from the pollen. I never knew that, but going to try it out!

    1. wow really? Itchy eyes are the worse symptoms of allergies in my opinion because I wear contacts! I’ll have to look into that as well!

  4. Washing hands is key! I don’t know why my kids are so adverse to doing it. My son likes to say, “But I washed my hands yesterday!” lol

    1. lol! My son is like that too! WHYY you probably ate dirt, stuck your hand in the dog’s mouth and you still don’t think you need to wash your hands huh? Yep we have BOYS. ✅

  5. Jessi Joachim says: Reply

    My husband and I have both had terrible allergies this year. Down here in FL it is especially brutal. My kids have been alright so far, so hopefully they wont have the same issues we do.

    1. Yeah I remember asking with you about the humidity in Florida! Sounds not so awesome! I hope these tips help with some of the issues you have going on!

  6. Emma Lawson says: Reply

    Firstly, thank you all for taking your time to read this article. I started having allergies at the age of 22, don’t know what happened that year 🙂 but my kids started having issues very early. I am just hoping those might disappear during adolescent years.

    1. Beautiful and well-written Emma! ✅

  7. Some fantastic tips here!! I’m forwarding this article to my sisters (I don’t have kids yet but want my niece and nephews looked after!).

    1. I’m sure these tips could help you too if you also have allergies! I swear my husband passed them on to me.. or maybe i’m just allergic to him but ever since we’ve been together, i have issues with allergies when I never have before! 😳😷

  8. I have allergies and I never would have thought of salt water. That is something I must try and of course washing your hands is vital! x

    1. Absolutely! I loved Emma’s tip on salt water! My cousin, a nurse, actually told me that advice and reading this totally reminded me of it! It works btw!

  9. Aish Padihari says: Reply

    Thankfully, my kids don’t have allergies yet. My husband has pollen allergies though and he survives on the wild flower honey.

    1. That’s great he was able to find something to help with those nasty pollen allergies!

  10. I hate having allergies. I don’t think my kids have them yet… but my niece does. Thanks for the tips.

    1. They are the worse! I know sometimes they completely immobilize me so I can only imagine my poor babies! Thanks for visiting !

  11. Heather Staggs Garcia says: Reply

    I am dealing with allergies as I read this. These are great tips to help anyone especially the little ones!

    1. I agree, I could definitely find use to these tips even as an adult ✅

  12. Erin Amundsen says: Reply

    Great tips! Never thought of spicy foods as a cure for allergies. That’s a remedy I can get on board with.

    1. haha i love it too! We’re in New Mexico so spicy food is like.. a must to live here!

  13. Very relevant. You cannot prevent to become nonallergic but it is just nice to take precautionary measures.

    1. Exactly, I love how to stated that! ✅💯

  14. Kara Crowe Hyvarinen says: Reply

    My oldest son has really been suffering this allergy season. Thank you for sharing these tips!

    1. Oh goodness! It must be hard to watch! Hope these tips gives him a little bit of relief!

  15. Kristina Pache-Ferency says: Reply

    These are great tips. My oldest son brayden has bad allergies. I’m sure these tips will help.

    1. My youngest is named Brayden as well! Yay for brayden babies! I hope these tips helps your little Brayden too!

  16. This is a great read! Even for me since I don’t have any kids but I definitely have some cruel allergies!

  17. Journa Ramirez says: Reply

    My kids don’t have allergies and I’ll still remember these tips.. I should be ready. Thank you so much for sharing! This article is a big help

    1. you’re welcome! Emma did a wonderful job!

  18. Marcie Wirtz Cheung says: Reply

    I never thought about hand washing in terms of minimizing allergy symptoms. Of course pollen would be on their hands! I had the worst allergies growing up and I hope my kids skate by!

    1. keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  19. Lori Vachon says: Reply

    We are no strangers to allergy season around my house. I keep us well stocked on the essentials as soon as winter is over.

    1. being prepared is key!

  20. I remember allergy season when I was a kid. It was the worst so I was constantly getting allergy shots. Thankfully, they did help.

    1. i’ve never tried taking shots! You’ll have to tell me how effective they are and duration!

  21. These are great tips! We deal with bad allergies every year. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  22. Candice McReynolds says: Reply

    Great tips! Poor kiddos who deal with allergies it breaks my heart!

    1. I know! Cute little bright red noses 😍

  23. Amber Nelson says: Reply

    My kiddos all have allergies too and let me tell you, it is so hard to see them suffer. These are great tips.

    1. ugh that’s that would be tough! hope these tips help your little ones! ✅

  24. Salt water is my little boy’s best friend during springtime. And sometimes, I also push my husband to have it, since, I think, he has also some allergy. Great tips.

    1. yes we use salt water too! It’s so awesome and it works great! Thanks for visiting!

  25. TheMummyToolbox says: Reply

    some great tips! When I was younger I had terrible hayfever and could barely walk on the grass so was a bit miserable, glad to see there are other options now!

    1. Oh my that sounds terrible! I’m so thankful no one in my family has this problem especially since I LOVE grass! We just put in new sod and we’re loving it! Thanks so much for visiting!

  26. My middle guy has awful allergies, and it has been hard to find something that works for us. We have been trying to adjust diet some, and really make sure that we are giving good whole foods. It is definitely a struggle though!

    1. It’s amazing how our kids are so different! Both my kids don’t have terrible allergies but yet my husband ends missing work because his allergies are so bad he can’t function -.-! Some great tips from you too, thanks for sharing them!

  27. Awesome tips! My son doesn’t have allergies yet but i can only imagine seeing him go through- not fun.

    1. Exactly! Always great to have some preventative care for allergies! Thanks for visiting!

  28. TheNewClassy says: Reply

    These are great tips! Allergy season is rough for me. I have to watch when I go outside. I can get some pretty bad allergies. These tips are not just good for children, but adults too!

    1. I get pretty bad allergies too outside if I’m gardening! Usually I’m okay and same with my kids! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  29. Brittany Muddamalle says: Reply

    I love all of these tips! My five year old has been having terrible allergies all year. They got so bad that his eyes were almost swollen shut!

    1. YIKES! that’s pretty scary! I hope these tips help your 5 year old! <3

  30. These are really good tips. Often times the first things we go is pick up the phone an reach out to the doctor’s office. I am a fan of home remedies first.

    1. I love home remedies! Definitely beats going to the hospital and having the deal with some crazy bill after! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  31. CourtneyLynne Storms says: Reply

    Oooo so many helpful tips here!!! I just hate allergy season! It hits our house hard every year.

    1. Yikes! I hope these tips help you get through allergy season this year! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  32. These are great tips! My oldest daughter has allergies during this time of year and takes medicine every morning.

    1. yikes! My husband has to take meds every morning long before allergy season hits hard! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  33. Rachel Catherine says: Reply

    I need these for my husband! He is the one with allergies and the one I need to watch. He is so bothered by them right now.

    1. Aw that’s awful! I hope these tips can help your husband so he can start feeling better soon!

  34. My younger son suffers from terrible allergies. I am always looking for ways to bring him some relief besides using allergy medications.

    1. This post should definitely give you some great ideas to help him out! Thanks so much for visiting!

  35. Wow I never knew people could be allergic to cucumber and bananas! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for visiting!

  36. April Kitchens says: Reply

    I honestly forget that allergies exist because we don’t have any! But we still try to “dust” the pollen off of our clothes with a damp cloth when we com from outside, and of course wash hands. The pollen gets so thick here.

    1. Yikes! that’s great, you are allergy free! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  37. Caitlin Patoka says: Reply

    Great practical tips! I will be trying these with my youngest son, he seems the most affected by pollen and other allergens. Thanks!

    1. I hope these tips give your son some relief! Thanks for stopping by!

  38. Great tips! I am always looking for ways to reduce my allergy symptoms

    1. I hope these tips help you out this allergy season! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

  39. Angela Milnes says: Reply

    I agree adjusting the diet is key when the child has allergies and it can also help to rule things out when unsure as well.

    1. That’s so true! It does help to rule things out! Try and save yourself some money and not visit the doctor!

  40. Tiffany Meiter says: Reply

    ohh the spicy food tip is a great idea! I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    1. It truly works! My family swears by it lol <3 Thanks for visiting!

  41. so good to have a very resourceful post as good as this that looks out
    for the kids out this season, thanks alot for this . all tips are
    perfect and i cant pick one thats better than the other..

    1. Thanks ! I hope these help you out this allergy season! Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts

  42. I have also added in homeopathic relief as well. Definitely can take the edge off an allergy without any side effects. Allergies are hitting hard where I live so the other tips are great to remember.

    1. Thanks for checking this post out and sharing your thoughts!

  43. This is really helpful. My poor niece last week was suffering and I didn’t know what to do. I will bookmark this. xx

    1. Thanks for saving it! I hope your niece can get some relief with these tips! It’s hard to help them when they don’t know what’s happening!

  44. These are such useful tips and I guess that they would be pretty handy for adults too. Salt water is great for clearing the nose

    1. Absolutely! These are quite handy for adults as well! Thanks so much for visiting!

  45. Thank you so much for these tips. I didn’t know the salt water one. I’ll have to keep that in mind.

    1. Definitely! My husband uses a Neti Pot with salt water in it, works like a charm!

  46. Great tips! I have also heard local honey works too. I could use a few of these tips too thanks for shairng them with us

    1. You’re welcome I’m glad you enjoyed this guest post! She did a wonderful job! Thanks so much for sharing your tips as well! <3

  47. TheLocdBella says: Reply

    Thank you so much for the list. We’ve been avoiding medicines and trying more natural ingredients like ginger. It seems to be helping.

    1. That’s great! I’m so glad you found something that works for you! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

  48. Kim's Cravings says: Reply

    Such great tips!!

    1. Thank you! thanks for visiting!

  49. Krysti Jaims says: Reply

    Such helpful tips that I’m sure so many can benefit from!

    1. Absolutely! I can see how this could work for many people! Thanks so much for visiting!

  50. interNATionalcaty says: Reply

    I don’t have any kids, but these are all great tips.

    1. Absolutely! If you have allergies too, this could help you as well! Thanks for visiting!

  51. Candice Renee Townsend says: Reply

    That salt water trick is THEE best as I tend to use it for myself to clear everything up. Thanks for the additional information as well!

    1. Thats great! I’m so glad you’ve found a tip here that you know works for you! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts!

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  53. Keep the house closed up and the air on. I have terrible allergies and am better when the outside air is not getting in my house.

  54. Kylie Olive Abreu says: Reply

    Gosh I am suffering so bad at the moment, luckily my little one doesn’t seem to fazed as the moment

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