DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers Wire Wreath for Under $10

Spring Wreath cover

DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers Wire Wreath for Under $10

During the March and April in New Mexico, the winds can get pretty crazy and last year during this time, my spring wreath blew off my door never to be found again.  My budget for renovations this year is super tight since we opted to replace the flooring in my home so I needed a cheap yet beautiful solution to replace my spring wreath.  I was able to create a beautiful Spring Flowers Wire Wreath for just under $10 using flower stems from Dollar Tree and an old wire garden bed fence from my yard.  Check out my tutorial and hope you love how yours turns out!

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DIY Spring Flowers Wire Wreath Upcycled Dollar Tree

DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers Wire Wreath for Under $10

Last year I put in some new garden picket fences that were held together with strong barb wire from Lowes Home Improvement Store but unfortunately it didn’t uphold to my expectations.  I took them all down this month and separated the barb wire from the wood picket boards.  As I was gathering the wires together, I started to wrap them in a circle and realized I could reuse this wire for my wreath!  Sure enough, I wrapped 3 wires together and created a 3 sturdy rings, 3 feet wide.

I headed over to Dollar Tree and was happy to find that they had just stocked up on their fabric flowers collection.  There I purchased pairs of grasses and variations of pink and white flowers.  I also bought a roll of burlap ribbon enforced with wire edging for a bow all under $10.  While browsing the store, I was able to create the wreath design in my hand by starting with the grasses and then layering the flowers in sections along the top of the grass.  I would then tie a bow where the stems meet to finish the design.

DIY Spring Flowers Wire Wreath Upcycled Dollar Tree

Once I got home, I started with the grasses by finding the wire stems within the grass to wrap them around the barb wire wreath I created earlier.  It’s best to fasten the stems on the inner circle of the wire because it will show more of the flowers and design once it’s finished.  I then started the second layer with these small white flowers (below) by staggering them above the grass.

DIY Spring Flowers Wire Wreath Supplies

I followed with the smaller pink flowers, the circular bulb stems, and finally the large pink and white flowers (below).  Once I was able to fasten them to the wire wreath, I wrapped them in floral tape.  I then created a burlap bow from the ribbon and attached it to the wreath where the stems meet.  It’s important to bend the flowers’ stems outward so when hanging, all the flowers are facing out and able to be seen.  

DIY Spring Flowers Wire Wreath Supplies

The burlap bow really added a nice finishing touch and it looks amazing on my front door!  I love that this didn’t cost me very much (under $10!) and I love how it turned out!  Dollar Tree had a huge selection of fabric flowers and since I have 2 more wreath rings, I might just head back and create a summer one or holiday one real soon!  I won’t have any problems of having this blown away because it’s heavy enough that it shouldn’t!  I’m so happy to be able to create this DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers Wire Wreath and use that old garden picket fence for better things (…and more for a future DIY in the garden)!

DIY Spring Flowers Wire Wreath Supplies

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DIY Upcycled Spring Flowers Wire Wreath for Under $10

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  • Jessi Joachim

    your wreath came out so cute! I may have to try making one for myself here soon!

  • Amber

    This turned out so gorgeous. I need to try this out. We need a new wreath for the door.

  • Belle

    This is such a cute idea. And they look so beautiful

  • Tammy

    I love the simplicity of this wreath and I especially like recycling items all the time. Great idea.

  • Jessica Lynn Martin

    I enjoy making my own wreaths and bouquets with flowers from Dollar Tree. Your wreath is beautiful and you did a wonderful job at making it.

  • Wanda Lopez

    You have just inspired me to up-do my door and brighten it up with a floral wreath. You did a fabulous job!

  • Paula Stewart

    Beautiful! You couldn’t find one that nice in any store or shop.

  • Vicky Hallnewman

    Homemade things are always so much more special. This is absolutely beautiful, well done.

  • Kiwi

    This is a beautiful wreath. Looks easy and made with love and easy to make items.

  • Princess Quinn

    This is so pretty! You did a fab work, I am excited to try it!